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Biden’s Wonderful World

Bidenese video screen grab - Not the Bee

The Amazing and Astounding Accomplishments of the Biden Administration are truly extraordinary. Let’s take a look.

1.) The great energy policy. On the first day in office, Biden managed to successfully shut down our pipelines and destroy our worldwide energy pre-eminence to the point where Joe is now begging Saudi Arabia and Russia to produce more oil. The price of a gallon of gas has skyrocketed almost 100%.

2.) While shutting down our energy supply and increasing gas prices 100%, Biden has allowed Putin to complete the Nordstream pipeline so that Western Europe’s energy supply will be completely dependent on our best friend, Vladimir Putin, who has now positioned 200,000 troops on the Ukrainian border with the apparent intention of guaranteeing Western and Eastern Europe energy supply at a price.

3.) Joe’s other best friend, Xi, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) premier has taken over Hong Kong and will probably invade Taiwan after the Winter Olympics, as the CCP currently invades Taiwanese Air space with numerous jet fighters on a daily basis.  Joe has failed to discuss the release from the Wuhan lab of the Covid 19 pandemic, which, according to some, has resulted in more American deaths than the 400,000 American soldiers killed in WW2 and $60+ billion damage to our economy. Most despicably, the CCP Concentration Camps of Uighurs ( Muslims) and Falon Gong followers are used to supply the world’s elite with much-needed organ transplants, resulting in the mass murder of these religious followers and silence from Joe and the rest of the world. Then again what’s that between friends!

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4.) The horrid international situation couldn’t  possibly be due to the colossally successful withdrawal from Afghanistan, which resulted in gifting $85 billion dollars of the most advanced military equipment in the world, the $10 billion Baghram Air Force Base, strategically positioned to neutralize China’s nuclear weapons and hundreds,
if not thousands of American hostages to the Taliban.

5.) Our international successes under Joe have only been exceeded by our domestic. The misery index ( the inflation rate including food and energy plus the U6 unemployment rate) is currently 21% and has exceeded the remarkable and memorable misery index of the Carter Era.

Apparently, 40 % of the US hopes and prays this tremendous success continues. The rest of the US see this unparalleled success as a catastrophic failure, which may lead to the suicide of the greatest and most generous nation in the history of the world, as well as the end of Western Civilization.

Happy New Year to Bungling, Mumbling, Stumbling Joe.

Good luck to the rest of US.