Sununu Is Not a “Live Free or Die” Champion. He’s a “Live under My Thumb or Die” Champion. - Granite Grok

Sununu Is Not a “Live Free or Die” Champion. He’s a “Live under My Thumb or Die” Champion.

Laughing sununu as NH Flag burns

Last November, a week and a half after getting re-elected to his third term as governor, Chris Sununu issued an emergency executive order instituting a masking requirement for everyone in New Hampshire both inside and outside.

For justification, he cited “a significant increase in COVID-19 infections, many caused by community transmission.” He didn’t define “infection” or provide any evidence for his claim about community transmission or provide any clarification about how “many” of the infections were from community transmission.

According to the NH DHHS Covid dashboard, we have more daily “cases” in New Hampshire right now than we did when Sununu ordered the masking mandate, and (obviously) more than when he graciously (as a kind and benevolent emperor) ended the masking mandate this spring.

An “infection” is not the same as a “case,” by the way, but the NH DHHS Covid dashboard provides information only on cases, not infections. Cases are not defined, either, but seem to be merely people with a positive test result. This is of course is misleading because someone who tests positive might not even know they’re sick, they might not have any symptoms. Or they may have mild symptoms. But the dashboard has data for “cases” so we can compare like to like.

On November 19, 2020, the day Sununu issued the masking order, the 7-day average of new cases was 395.5. When Sununu ended the masking order on April 16, 2021, there was a 7-day average of 397.1. So higher than when he made the masking order, actually. Although one could say roughly the same. November 14 is the most recent day with data available and the 7-day average of new cases was 779.3. Almost twice what it was last year when Sununu mandated forced masking.

When Sununu ended the masking mandate, he said it was because of the declining death rate, though. On November 19, 2020, the day he issued the masking order, the 7-day average number of deaths was 1.7. On April 16, 2021, when the masking order ended, the 7-day average number of deaths was 1.6. Again, roughly the same. On the most recent day for which there is data, November 11, 2021, the 7-day average number of deaths was 2.1, higher than last year, but down from a spike of 4.9 on November 1, 2021.

So what’s to stop Sununu from declaring another state of emergency and doing another masking mandate? According to the stats he used before, he should already have redeclared a state of emergency. Maybe he’ll do a vaccine mandate, as well, this time? Yeah, he’s said he’s “against” the OSHA workplace mandate, but that seems disingenuous given his own actions in the past.

He doesn’t oppose government intrusion into private medical decisions or private choices about what to wear. I think he probably could argue that the federal government lacks the authority but as governor, he has the authority. The other reason he gave in April for ending the masking mandate was that the “vaccines” were available. At the time, around 25% of New Hampshirites were “fully vaccinated.”

I don’t know what that “fully” figure would be today, since the definition of “fully vaccinated” keeps on changing. Is it two shots? Three shots? The CDC says four shots for “immunocompromised” individuals.

Meanwhile, I keep on getting these fundraising emails supposedly from Jason Osborne, who’s the Republican majority leader in the house of Representatives. This morning, “Jason,” or probably some intern, wrote:

“I’m sure you saw the news about Governor Sununu opting to seek the corner office for a fourth term. Like you, I’m ecstatic that we will have a Live Free or Die champion at the helm once again.”

No, “Jason,” I am not ecstatic. Sununu is pro-abortion, pro-lockdown, pro-Critical Race Theory, pro-Black Lives Matter riots, pro-Biden “infrastructure” deficit spending, pro-giving away state sovereignty for money, anti-liberty, had people arrested for no reason at a public meeting, he shut down churches while keeping the liquor stores open, instructed law enforcement to enter private property “without the consent of the property owner” to enforce his tyrannical “emergency” orders, fined businesses that didn’t follow his illegal orders, and argued in court that he had the right to suspend civil liberties.

Sununu is not a “Live Free or Die” champion. He’s a “Live Under My Thumb or Die” champion.

Now, some people may be saying, “Hey, stop bashing Republicans.” I’m a Republican because of the things I believe. I don’t believe the things I believe because I’m a Republican. If a Republican doesn’t represent my views, then there’s no reason for me to support him.

Sununu is a Republican in Name Only. A RINO. I am not criticizing anyone to my Right. I am criticizing the Left.