Bodily Integrity Is an Inalienable Right, and Here Is the Proof... - Granite Grok

Bodily Integrity Is an Inalienable Right, and Here Is the Proof…

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Just as the word “privacy” is not explicitly mentioned in the constitution of the U.S.A, but it has long been held as a right implicit in the bill of rights; so too is the right of bodily integrity, a right implicit in the bill of rights!

But where?

The second amendment!

I hold that while bodily integrity is implied in other rights within the bill of rights (such as the first amendment), it is obviously implied in the second amendment.

The second amendment includes the right to self-defense, and self-defense is naturally based on the preservation of bodily integrity!

No, this does not mean one must ever keep or bear arms to preserve or exercise their right to bodily integrity. People must exercise their own conscience when it comes to self-defense and bearing arms. However, what it does mean is that the root and the impetus of lawful self-defense is the common sense understanding that one has bodily integrity.

At a most visceral and natural level, a core driver of the development of our civilization, based on law and order, is based on bodily integrity. The individual right and interest to live out and enjoy the life given to the individual by their creator without being forcefully separated from that enjoyment by the schemes, plots, tortured alliances, and malevolent absurdities conjured by their fellow man.

In short, bodily integrity is most certainly not surrendered upon receiving a litany of existential terrors, and uncertain forebodings; nor upon the twisting of our earth into a wrathful and vindictive deity, and nature itself into an uninhabitable caustic terrarium that can only be navigated by a technocratic “trans-human” death cult.

Regardless of whether you keep and bear arms, and regardless of what your conscience might dictate in self-defense; the fact is that you have the natural and inalienable right endowed by your creator to abide peacefully in bodily integrity. Nature is good, and the natural body is also good.

Conclusion: you have the right to say “no” to masks, testing, vaccines, and unethical human experimentation. The question remains, will you?

Will it help to motivate you if I say that by not defending the implicit right of bodily integrity the attacks on the second amendment will intensity? Believe it or not, they will.