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Teachers Unions and the Cold Civil War in America

Everyone has heard of the Cold War. We now have a Cold Civil War in the USA. The NEA has declared that Critical Race Theory must be taught in all fifty states and 14,000 school districts.  I am hoping and praying our local paper, the Laconia Daily Sun reports that, and it reaches the ears of those in Laconia who are behaving like ”The Three Blind Mice.”

There is a rumor that President Trump and Speaker Gingrich are drafting a Compact for American Renewal. Here are some common-sense principles for the Compact to save the greatest and most generous country on the face of the earth and in the history of mankind:

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  1. Reintroduce classic education into our elementary and high schools, known as the ABCs -Reading, English, Math, and American History and eliminate the indoctrination and brainwashing of the critical race theory and transgenderism.
  2. Return and promote free speech at universities and defund any university that promotes Critical Race Theory and/or accepts money from the Communist Chinese Party or its political affiliates.
  3. Safe, Secure, and Rule of Law at all of our borders. Allow ICE and our border agents to enforce our immigration laws. Legal immigration only!
  4. Make American Manufacturing Great Again! Return manufacturing back to America and create thousands of new jobs.
  5. Require Voter I. D. at every election in all 50 states. Simply put, I.D. IS WHAT MAKES YOUR VOTE COUNT.

My Dad, who was a Combat Engineer in WWII, went in on D-day, fought at the Battle of the Bulge, built the bridges, and disarmed the mines that allowed the Infantry and tanks to roll across Europe and fought every day until V-E Day, told me: ” America Love It or Leave It.”

I extend that invitation to all American haters. If I were rich, I would gladly pay your way to China, Iran, Russia, or Cuba as long as you promise to never come back.


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