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Who Is a Terrorist? Is It You, Me, Our Neighbor?


Where is Paul Revere when you need him? Who is a terrorist? Is it you, me, our neighbor? The people must be on the watch for who they call “a terrorist” because one day, it could be you, me, or our neighbor. You think not! Wait and see.

You may say no, no, no, I am not a terrorist, but because you believe one way or the other and it is not their way, then you could be the next terrorist.

The definition of a Terrorist is an advocate or practitioner of terrorism as a means of coercion

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Terrorism is the calculated use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby bring about a particular political objective.

So, maybe we don’t calculate the use of violence but are you still a terrorist? I hope not, and I believe I’m not either. If we make others fearful for a political objective, then we could be called a terrorist. But isn’t everything we do a political objective (I don’t believe masks work while you do)? Isn’t this political?

Look what they did with this pandemic. They caused many of us to be fearful and even wear masks in fear of getting sick and dying, while less than .00005 percent (3.8 million) have died worldwide. So, who is the terrorist?

Please don’t bash me; I am not making light of how many have died.

So, knowing what you just read, was Paul Revere a terrorist? I would vote for people that will keep our liberties while we still can, and we should run for an elected position while able.

Get involved while there is still time.


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