A Collection of Curt Comments for Your Consideration. - Granite Grok

A Collection of Curt Comments for Your Consideration.

Twilight Zone

Both the Georgia and Colorado alleged murderers passed their Federal background checks. What other useless suggestions have you got?

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Hunter Biden allegedly lied about his drug use on his Form 4473 (designed to weed out prohibited persons) when he bought a handgun from a dealer. When will he be investigated and prosecuted?

It seems futile to focus so intently on the motivation of people who would murder a group of strangers. Shouldn’t we focus on the act itself?

Reportedly, the alleged Colorado murderer was a Muslim who shot people at a [gun-free] grocery store with a large kosher section where presumably Jews would be shopping for Passover. Why are people obsessed with the size of the magazine (which can be changed in 5 seconds) that he allegedly used? How about possible anti-Semitism?

Remember the student of Korean origin who murdered 32 people (21 white) at Virginia Tech and the outcry about Korean Supremacy? Yeah, me neither.

There is another big push for the implementation of so-called “Universal Background Checks” for all firearm transfers of any type (e.g., sale, loan, gift). What is usually not stated is that, under a UBC law, for a student taking my class to borrow a firearm, we would both have to go to a gun store and pay a fee to get a background check. Also, we would have to do the same to return the firearm to me. Can you just see those with evil intent following those rules? I didn’t think so.

Oh, Colorado already has most of the laws on the anti-rights wish list: universal background checks, red flag laws, magazine capacity limits. Working like a charm, eh?

I have read that it was the Republicans that held up the [not very] COVID [-focused] relief package. Does anyone remember that it was Nancy Pelosi (not an ‘R’) who held things up until after the election? I do. Did anyone count the number of dead during that delay? I reckon not.

Shall we overlook that less than 9% of the package is actually related to COVID relief? Sorry, pensions and climate change don’t count.

Local business leaders are concerned that when people are paid to not work that they might not want to work. Who saw that coming?

The NH officer who shot an unarmed man who threatened to kill him was determined justified. Where are the protests? Where are the calls for the officer to aim for the knee as the assailant charged the officer?

Frequently, the word “equity” is substituted for “equality”.  Equality of opportunity can be achieved while equitable outcomes seems utopian (i.e., unattainable).

I saw that hackers were able to get inside security camera systems for a few institutions. Not such a great endorsement for depending on security cameras for our safety, is it?

Lastly, some Dr. Seuss books are being banned as they can be harmful to children but simulated sex acts on an awards show are healthy for children. Is that so? Thanks for the update.