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Nice to Finally See Democrats Condemning Violence

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After years of silence as Democrat activists rioted in American cities killing dozens and physically, emotionally, and financially injuring thousands of innocent people; destroying billions of dollars of public and private property, and attacking the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court Building; it’s nice to finally see Democrats condemn, rather than support, violence.

Congressional Democrats responded to the Jan. 6, attack on the Capitol by demanding increased protection for themselves while demanding increasing restrictions on private citizens’ ability to protect themselves from Democrat rioters and the criminals who plague them daily. Democrat politicians’ lives are important; apparently, our families’ lives aren’t important to them.

The attack on the Capitol looked like hundreds of violent “peaceful protests” around our country all conducted by Democrat supporters, not like Republican rallies and protests which are truly peaceful.

The Washington establishment immediately blamed President Trump’s speech, which called for a peaceful protest (, for the assault on the Capitol that began a 30 minutes’ walk away from Trump’s rally and 20 minutes before Trump’s speech ended.

Democrats rushed to impeach President Trump before we learned of the implausible timeline of the attack being instigated by Trump’s speech; that some (e.g., John Sullivan), if not all, of the apparent instigators, were Democrat activists; and that the Capitol police chief was reliably warned of a planned attack but his several requests for more support to protect the Capitol were denied by the Sergeants at Arms that report to Speaker Pelosi and Senator McConnell. Why?

How could an assault on our Capitol succeed unless Washington insiders wanted it to succeed? Perhaps the attack on the Capitol was allowed to succeed knowing that the Washington establishment could blame it on President Trump and get rid of him forever.

One wonders will they prosecute the real leaders of the Capitol assault, the people who instigated violence, fought with police, broke the windows and destroyed property, forced the doors open, and stole property? Or will they mostly prosecute the peaceful people who arrived later after the Capitol police opened the doors and peaceful people felt invited inside?

The media and Washington establishment seem focused on outing and condemning the latter group.

For four years the Washington establishment (politicians including many Republicans, bureaucracy, special interests, media, and others who benefit from a big Federal Government) have been trying to get rid of President Trump. It’s tempting to believe they let the attack on the Capitol succeed so they could blame Trump and forever stop the Trump agenda of moving power and wealth from the Washington establishment to the American people.