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Faux Outrage Is the Only Kind the Democrats Have, but They Have It for Everything!

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Great accurate letter by Marie Bradley here on Jan. 5, exposing the hypocrisy of the oh so many outraged left writers attacking Rep. Dawn Johnson accusing her of anti-Semitism and demanding she resigns.

As Bradley, pointed out, not one of those writers ever had a bad word to say about the left’s overwhelming support of all those anti-Israel, anti-Semites in Congress, in the media, or generally in democratic circles.

It’s very much the same for the left to attack fundamental Christians as so many writers in the Daily Sun have done over the years. The hypocrisy there runs so deep and is so pervasive I find it hard to believe those people can’t see it in their own writings and feel no shame about it. But then in the left circles it’s all politics all the time ethics be damned, any means justifies their ends.

If one of us on the right dares to write a true factual letter condemning the violent terrorist actions of one of their favored groups we are labeled racist, Islamophobic, fascist, or some other vile name.

Try to engage any of them in a reasonable conversation and it’s like speaking to a spoiled child whose “opinion” overrides any facts. Asking them to look at facts is like asking them to commit the outrageous offense of doing some homework.

“I know everything I need to know” is the usual conditioned response, told by peers what to think so no need to do anything more. Again willfully blind as bats in the glaring light of facts there is no sense expecting reason or shame from such people.

Marie Bradley’s Letter to the Editor:

To The Daily Sun,

Local Democrats continue their hysterical attempts to punish School Board Member and State Rep. Dawn Johnson for the capital crime of reposting an offensive article. No explanation or apology on her part will ever be accepted by them for this capital offense. Meanwhile in their own Democrat Party and throughout the rest of the world, we hear and see daily extremely offensive comments against Christians and Jews and witness horrendous atrocities committed that need to be condemned. But not a word from these same purveyors of righteousness. THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING!

Let me list some things these righteous people should be more concerned about:

1. We have had for years the mass suppression of religious freedom and murder of Christians in many Muslim countries and China.
2. We have the enslavement, persecution, and dismemberment of the Uighurs (Muslims) in China. They have been rounded up and sent to concentration camps to perform slave labor. Their organs are harvested and sold by the Chinese government for transplant to rich clients.
3. We have the recent and probably continuing slaughter of Christian innocents in Africa by governmental tyrants.
4. In the Democrat Party, we have blatant hatred of Jews espoused constantly by “esteemed squad members” AOC, Rashida Tlaib, Ilham Omar and Ayanna Pressley.
5. Tolerating the current haters of Jews in Congress not being enough, the Democrat Party has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to elect two new anti-Semites to the U.S. Senate: Ossoff and Warnock in Georgia.
6. We have large corporations like Walmart use slave labor in China to produce cheap products for America.
7. Finally, we have the American Holocaust of two million aborted babies annually since 1967 in this country, a large majority being babies of color (over 42 million worldwide in 2020).
So why the focus on School Board Member and State Rep. Dawn Johnson? The double standard applied to someone who is of the “conservative” bent as opposed to someone called “progressive” is astounding. I believe Dawn’s major crime is being a conservative woman and having the audacity to express those views.
Bullying is the method used to intimidate a person into silence and Democrats are masters at this tactic. This is what I see happening to Rep. Dawn Johnson. The all-consuming quest for power with the destruction of your opponent’s reputation is the goal. I have always told my children and now my grandchildren, bullies are cowards. Don’t ever let yourself be bullied. Stay true to yourself. I do not know Dawn Johnson but from what I understand she has been an exemplary citizen of Laconia and someone who has served her community well.
Dawn Johnson is owed an apology from all the haters out there. In my mind their energies would be better served focusing on the real problems we face in our country and abroad. Protect the defenseless rather than piling on an exemplary citizen!
Marie Bradley