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Ignorant Tools of the Public Health Reich


Public Health is supreme, and all Rights succumb to its primacy; unless of course, you are willing to eviscerate your own medical privacy under threat of fines and court summons by affirming to the government, the central tenet of the Fourth Reich propaganda.

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That you have a health condition, you are not healthy!  Since you are either sick or presumed to be a healthy-looking sick person, the best thing for you to do is stay away from people and put the mask, the new swastika, on your face!

Unfortunately, I am not referring to His Excellency’s Executive Order 74.

Long before the Governor brought his tyranny to this heightened crescendo, we, here in the greater Plymouth economic area have been living under the Town of Plymouth “Ordinance Relative To Face Coverings” (since August 10th, 2020).

I expressed my opposition by way of peaceably assembling and submitting letters.  In one letter on July 27th, 2020 I requested Religious Exemptions for the mask ordinance, in part, on the basis that the proposed ordinance would thrust the ideology of germ theory, and the implicit presumption of illness, upon those of religious conscience who do not subscribe to those ideas.

On August 13th, 2020 I submitted a petition for redress of grievances to the Plymouth Board of Selectmen, again asking for Religious Exemptions to the mask ordinance, which in part reads: “I believe that in time those of you who have participated in the marginalization of individuals and families, especially Religious individuals and families, from society and the economy may well find that your actions are similar in harm to the internment of the Japanese during World War II. Instead of interning us by walling us in, you are walling us off, perhaps it should be called externment.”

About this time I began submitting RSA 91-A requests, in part to determine what consideration the Plymouth Board of Selectmen had actually given to my concerns and requests for religious exemptions.  After what I felt was months of evasive, and slow snail mail, responses on the part of the Town, I arrived at the conclusion that my requests had not really been given any consideration. However, with the assistance of the one selectman who refused to sign the original ordinance, the Plymouth Board of Selectmen was willing to at least feign consideration of the matter by addressing it at their November 9th, 2020 meeting.

To summarize, during that meeting, I argued that the mask forced me to become an ideological billboard of the State in contrast to my personal Religious ideology, attempted to interrupt my moment to moment remembrance of God in conjunction with my breath and instead replace it with a moment to moment remembrance of the State, and attempted to co-opt me into reinforcing and participating in unethical human experimentation which is fundamentally harmful and in contrast to my religious convictions.

In the end, I did not prevail.  In a letter dated November 12th, 2020, all five members of the Plymouth Board of Selectmen said no to my request that the ordinance be amended to include religious exemptions.  They each took the time to sign their name, even the one who refused to sign the ordinance.

Do I think these five selectmen are consciously supportive of the evil Fourth Reich of Green Nazism that is being introduced?  No, I do not think so; in fact, I think they like many pre-war Germans, are just doing what they think is justified by an alleged emergency and the resulting mass confusion.  However, I do think that they are the ignorant tools of the movement of which I speak.  I think they are ignoring or blind to the glaring warning signs.

They do not see how both the left and the right are meshing medical and public health science with their ideologies, in a manner that is subtly and inappropriately conflating health with innocence and illness with guilt.  I believe this trajectory will very likely lead to an aspiration of “genetic hygiene”, perhaps rolled out in a series of new RNA vaccines, in the name of public health.

They do not see how the State has, in a fascist manner, coerced the businesses to adopt the Public Health ideology in order to stay in business and thereby become an extension of State propaganda and enforcement.

I believe the Nazi’s have taken the last 75 years to revamp the plan they had last century that eventually lead them to Nuremberg, which according to Michael A. Grodin, MD was “…to establish a utopian new world order where everything worked in harmony…Germany was to become a healthy and vibrant organism…”.  I do not think these five selectmen are consciously and intentionally serving the international elitist death cult of Green Nazism.  However, I do think they have failed to scrutinize the man-made hysteria and dismissed God given unalienable Rights in deference to the international “Sieg Heil” of Public Health.  It is not inevitable that our vision of a government which secures these Rights will fail, but at every turn there are choices.  Today it is a mask ordinance, to which a handful of religious people will not succumb; and for which we are walled off from society.  Tomorrow, it is a vaccine ordinance, to which many of you will try to resist; but will it be too late?  Who will stand up for you?  I will, but to what avail.  And then what will come of us people of religious conscience who believe our bodies are sacred, healthy, and perfect just the way God made them?

There are no bystanders!