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Do We Know Who Our Candidates Are?

Tom Ploszaj 2020

I recently moved to New Hampton and wanted to learn the answer to that very question! I also wanted to learn their reasons for seeking office, something about their character, and their ability.

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After Googling both candidates for state Representative  (Robert Joseph and Tom Ploszaj), it became an easy choice. I will be voting for Tom Ploszaj, who is running for NH State Representative in New Hampton and Center Harbor.

When searching, I found that Some of the questions in the surveys online are written in such a way that they are biased towards or against an issue.  Some NH surveys attempted to ask a question fairly and allowed candidates to respond with either a yes or no answer or let them respond in their own words. I also found the candidates Letters to Editors and the replies that they generated.

I was impressed with how Tom Ploszaj answered the questions, explained the need to work for a better New Hampshire, and spoke about the need to end the political finger-pointing “blame game.” I admire his decade of writing about why NH Reps should represent the voters and not their Political Party.  His surveys and views are honest, with no double talk or political phrases. He comes from the heart, speaking about wanting to represent each of us in our district. Mr. Ploszaj’s website is unlike other candidates. Instead of having many photos with important politicians, he has his viewpoints and beliefs in his own words.

I had already decided whom I would vote for while reading Tom’s and Robert’s Laconia Sun’s Letters to the Editor and letters from people stating why they are supporting each candidate. looking through the Laconia Sun’s local news articles, I found a few about  Robert Joseph which concerned me. I reached out to the Laconia Sun to see if this person was the same one now running for office and have received no reply about their 2013 and 2015 articles.

I would implore voters to do the same as I did. Search the web and the Sun’s website with the names of Candidates and your Town. Also, read the news about all candidates; there may be more information than what I have found. I think everyone has the right to run for office and a chance to explain themselves. Still, the voters also have a duty and obligation to let others know that their qualifications and character may need to be questioned.

Most voters will vote for their political party without knowing who these people are.  Since then, I found the need to tell Democrats, Republicans, and Independents if they read about who is running, they will overwhelmingly agree that Mr. Tom Ploszaj is really the only person that should be sent to represent us as our NH State Representative in Belknap district 1.