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FB Doodlings – Black Lives Matter Event – Gilford, New Hampshire – Part 2

Intellectual Diversity FI

As I noted, Black Lives Matter has come to my hamlet and it is literally tearing the town into three parts:

  1. Those that see it at the surface level as being goodness
  2. Those that have done a lot more research into what BLM, what it really stands for, and its organization

And a third part of folks that either are unaware or wish to remain silent. I’m sorry but my friend Erick Erickson famously said:

You will be made to care

Everyone will be made to choose. Even now, the BLM movement carries signs and sayings similar to “Silence=Violence” and “If you aren’t an active Anti-Racism, you are a RACIST”. They are playing on the knowledge that being called a racist is about the worst thing you can be called nowadays (well, perhaps being called a pedophile may be worse, but not by much). They are FORCING people to follow their GroupThink – freedom to think for oneself in this matter is being removed by the threat of public shaming and complete ostracizing from “civil society”.

It is the forming of a vindictive Collective that isn’t tolerant of ideas and beliefs that aren’t 100% aligned with them.  This is now happening in my town with a given family that is being scapegoated.

Sidenote: I’ve already picked sides – this isn’t a case of racism but is being blown up to be one. It was a case of someone, however inartfully said or acted upon, of getting tired of having politics forced upon them. More on this later but know that one of the organizers, Samm JaCrispy Johnson (who has blocked me on Facebook after I called her out for this) is trying to get that person fired from their job. And threatened Fay’s Boat Yard, a well known marina here in town, by a comment on the FBY FB page similar to “shame if your customer base were to find out you employ a racist).

And the March video’d here was deliberately routed to go right past this family’s home – a public shaming because there are those that have nothing other than a racial lens with which to look at the world.

This is Political Correctness running amok under the rubric “equality for all”. Diversity!  Well, let’s be blunt – the notion of Diversity on the Left runs only skin-deep; there is no such thing as intellectual or moral diversity within the Collective. Individuals are to be “re-educated” to RightThink; they MUST be ignorant or they otherwise would act, think or say the things they do.

Intellectual Diversity

Shades of gulags, re-education camps, and Cultural Revolution run through my head. “You will be made to care“.

Let me give you a “soft” introduction. I saw this on the Gilford Community FB page where Diversity was mentioned – I challenged it.

Nelle Douville
Diversity should be our most celebrated and greatest strength. Remember how we were taught America was a ‘melting pot’? Sure seems like we fight it at every turn.

Skip Murphy
Unfortunately with identity politics, “melting pot” has literally become a “micro-aggression” on many college campuses. There are a lot of other phrases that have become verboten as well – and we are poorer linguistically and societally for it.  We used to have a whole raft of “ethno-jokes” around when I was young – no one took them to be spiteful or hateful, we were just making sport of each other and laughing.

Now, you’re ostracized for that and for much less. It has to stop.

Nelle Douville
Thing is, I don’t take ‘melting pot’ as homogenisation. Diversity is a wonderful thing. I do get leaving ethnic jokes behind. Too often they are told by those in groups who dominate in a society and are symptomatic of keeping others away from sharing equally in running our country, in justice, etc.

Diversity can be a wonderful thing – but only when it is more than skin deep instead of based solely on the immutable characteristic of melanin scarcity or abundance. Instead, one’s skin color is being used as a club. I haven’t said it back on the thread but the Left can ONLY seeming see things in terms of Racism, protection of Protected Classes, and the lens of Oppressors / Oppressed. And that’s why jokes like we used to say in my childhood, when a joke was still viewed as just being a joke and not a source of immediate Oppression like Douville maintains. It also helps prove the Conservative stereotype that the Left has little to no sense of humor (again, Oppression / Racial lense).

Note, too, the beginning of this next line – the Left has seemingly adopted this kind of sentence construction almost in a sense of having to validate their worth or rhetoric and the assuming of some level of Moral Superiority:

As a transperson and a former investigator of human rights in NH, I’ve experienced, seen, and heard much.

Just in its construction, we see the named Protected Class should be enough to end any argument. Frankly I don’t care if you are suffering from gender dysphoria, the color of your skin, the economic background, political outlook, or anything else, I DON’T CARE if you are any Leftist Protected Class. A PERFECT example of the Collective (or a “High Subset” thereof). This construction is used in an attempt to set up bona fides that should be sufficient and so unassailable that no further argument is either needed – or deserved.

I think y’all know what my two word response is to that, eh?

But here is the reason I captured this thread.

When someone criticises political correctness as a concept, my first inclination is to ask what they can’t say now that they wish to be able to say. From there, we can distil things down to where some start to see the issue(s) involved.

Skip Murphy
So you rather would go with the “salad” visualization? [versus the “melting point -Skip]

I’m sitting here thinking about homogenizing and agreeing with it to the point that everyone is an Individual

Skip Murphy
Let me try this again (hit return too soon).

Skip Murphy
So you rather would go with the “salad” visualization?

I’m sitting here thinking about your homogenizing idea and agreeing to it that everyone is a unique Individual and should be treated as such. I am against Groupthink and the idea that Individualism is being branded as selfish and that only the ideas of Communitarian / Collectivism are “right thinking”. Too often, while proponents believe they are the bees knees, it offers too much temptation to be encased in a bubble such that anyone NOT wanting to be part of the Collective must have something wrong with them.

For each Collective, there is their own dogma and will treat their beliefs as such – you are an outcast if you aren’t part of it or speak against that dogma.

For instance, the Left is all about diversity of skin color – but Lord help you if you violate the dogma (example: US Senator Tim Scott is a black Conservative – does that warrant being called a coon man, Boy, Uncle Tom, race denier, and worse?).

As a Conservative, I could care less if you are white, black, yellow, brown, red, or green with purple polka-dots. Diversity to Conservatives is not what you look like but how you THINK. What you BELIEVE.

Yet, to your question of what PC doesn’t allow me to say is just that – that I am colorblind. That I really don’t care what your skin color is – but that makes me RACIST.

I can’t say that I support traditional marriage because that makes me a homophobe.

I can’t say that I support a very limited Government (as our Founders said allowed for maximal Liberty) because then I reject the notion that “The Government is us!” (but that’s now how the Founders saw it while saying the by and for bits)

I can’t say that I am against minimum wage because it should be a private contract between employee and employer.

I can’t say that I am against illegal immigration because that makes me a xenophobe and that I hate brown people.

And in the case of gender dysphoria / Transgenderism, I can’t say that a man can’t be a woman because of biology (I hold a biology degree) and a woman can’t be a man because it’s basic biology at the chromosomal level. Yet I am told that I don’t know science and that I’m a bigot because I refuse to believe that which I know is wrong. But I’m a bigot that I say that there are manifest differences between a man and a woman because I refuse to accept the lie of Political Correctness.

And for each of these, for many folks that also believe the above, there is a very much growing resentment about being forced to believe that which they know (or believe) isn’t true.

This is a very long reply. But you asked a couple of serious questions and they demanded they be answered in like manner.

BLM fits in there as well especially – it goes against the Diversity Political Correctness to be critical of it and its precepts.

Skip Murphy
I don’t agree (speaking of Political Correctness) that “Diversity is our greatest strength”.

Our strength as a Republic lies in the Pillars of Free Speech, Freedom of Worship, The Rule of Law, and the Right to Private Property.

We can quibble and discuss the order and that a couple of other things could be added. I could add that the US is the ONLY country founded on Ideals rather than ethnicity and the willingness to lay other customs and beliefs aside to accept those Ideals and lay aside those from their former nation-States.

Sure, keeping ties to “the old country” traditions are fine but they should always be secondary. Sorry to say, though, because of the Diversity mania, we’re actually seeing a Balkanization of America where every Identity Group is going to its corner and then demanding everyone put them first.

And yes, I miss the days of being to tell the joke of “a Rabbi, a Pastor, and a Priest that were Jewish, Russian, and Polish”….when a joke was often just a joke until someone who was constantly offended made them die because of Political Correctness.

Much more to come. I refuse to take a knee for BLM, any other ideology, or any man.