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Democrats’ campaign ideas never make it in practice

Polar Bear Climate change makes me sad

While it’s on my mind I should comment on a couple of letters in the Laconia Daily Sun where the writers lament our failure to buy into their climate change hysteria. Seems they believe all the disaster scenarios produced over the past 20-some years are cascading into reality. Frankly, I do not see it.

Scientists report growing ice thickness in the Arctic, Greenland, and by counts, Polar bears are doing very nicely, thank you.

Another thing?

It’s not as though we here in the U.S., and Canada for that matter, aren’t aware of our environment. Working to have clean water, air, and reduce pollution; we are and in most areas, it shows.

Realistically, how much effect can we here actually have, even if the dire predictions were true when much of the world doesn’t concern itself with the issue? Aside from N. America, western Europe, maybe Australia and New Zealand, it’s just not any kind of priority.

I’d say before we start any draconian measures, wall-to-wall solar panel farms as far as the eye can see, shouldn’t we know that everybody’s onboard? I mean China, Russia, India, S.E. Asia, Africa, S. America, no exemptions, no exclusions? How likely is that, really? Until the alarmists can achieve that, anything else is only noise.

Now about those neo-Democrats running for the nomination for president.

I say neo because they resemble what real Democrats always stood for in name only. Listening briefly to their debates, only two of them strayed even slightly from the cookie-cutter narrative of free college, hate Trump, free medical insurance, hate Trump, raise taxes, hate Trump, well, you get the idea. Remind me how they are going to deliver on all those free goodies? Oh, yes, tax the rich, just like four years ago, four years before that, and so on.

Fine, except the rich have their long-established plan all lined up. With the click of a button and before any Democrat gets inaugurated, all their taxable income goes into secret bank accounts offshore, along with their businesses, your jobs, your plans, and the future.

Remember the Obama years, with record unemployment, and low wages? Yeah, those years with high oil prices and high taxes on the declining middle class and working families. Where were the taxed rich then? Socialists make every sound-good-promise they can invent, but when it comes to producing, look at Cuba, USSR, China, and them all. Yes, it could happen here.