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Gilford: Money, Monopoly, and Mandatory – what a Mess for Trash and Recycling

Gilford Recyle Center


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Let’s see if I understand the situation in Gilford. The town is dissatisfied with the arrangement with Laconia for disposal of trash, so they decided to build a combined trash/recycling center at the recycling site.

A plan was proposed and approved and, as it turns out, the $950,000 plan had flaws so another $400,000 was needed. I understand that the structure that was built did not adhere to the plan.

At the 2019 deliberative session, we learned that while 1 ton of trash costs taxpayers about $78, due to major changes in the market, a ton of recycling costs us more than $200. That didn’t seem to matter as the additional $400,000 was approved.

Now I read that if the new solid waste center regulations are approved, effective 1-1-20 recycling will be mandatory and people’s refuse will be subject to inspection and non-compliance will result in fines. Also, residents will have to sort their recyclables into 6 categories (requiring, I expect, 6 receptacles). People who wish to throw everything into the trash will presumably have to contract with a private hauler to avoid the town penalties.

The proposed regs also note that the town will do their best to sell the items collected. Perhaps someone can inform we ordinary people where that market may be.

Did I miss anything?