So what HAVE the Democrats accomplished in the US House? Cluelessness ensues - Granite Grok

So what HAVE the Democrats accomplished in the US House? Cluelessness ensues

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“…even said the Democrat Party has disappointed them over the last three years.”

Just blowin’ in the wind, I guess.

I noticed that a number of them were, of course, wearing Berni-bro shirts.  I really have to wonder if any of these collegiate nit-wits are even playing checkers, much less chess.  While it should be clear these are outright socialists coming to listen to two other Socialists that can’t do math, would it be un-PC of me to think of how badly the education system has failed them in that they can’t even think of “what’s the result of even the FIRST step” if either AOC’s or Bernie’s plans are put into effect?  Do you think ANY of them have the wherewithal to go to the second or third step and then look around and go “er, what would be going on here?”.

Look, I get it – whatever the House has done would be stopped by the Senate and Trump.  But is as it should be – pass legislation in hopes that it MIGHT be acceptable to the opposition.  Isn’t that the “bipartisanship” thingie that the Democrats have been trying to ram down our throats for years?  So is this “not livin’ whatcha preachin’?”.

But yet, what did the US House, with a Republican majority AND control of the US Senate and Oval Office, get done in like manner? Tax cuts.  Pretty much, not much more than that, so be careful of the pendulum swinging back in the butt.

One thing is true though – this IS how the system is set up.  For me, if Congress has emasculated itself from getting stuff done, well, that means that they CAN’T be doing anything bad to We the People.  And I’m fine with that.

(H/T: The College Fix)