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“Protect Freedom PAC Releases “Stop Socialism”

July 30, 2019
Contact: Michael Biundo
michael@rightvoter.com, 202-809-6014

Protect Freedom PAC Releases “Stop Socialism” TV Ad
Will run in New Hampshire during the Democratic presidential debates

Warrenton, VA – Protect Freedom PAC, an independent organization dedicated to supporting pro-liberty and freedom-minded candidates, announced that they will be running a television ad titled “Stop Socialism” on New Hampshire television during this week’s Democratic presidential debates. A digital version will run in New Hampshire and nationally as well.

The ad shows stark imagery of the true history of socialism and draws parallels between the failed promises of the past and the promises of today’s self-described socialists, including Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The 15 second version of the ad can be can be viewed here, and the full length version here.

Protect Freedom PAC spokesman Michael Biundo stated,

“Socialism is a failed ideology based on false promises. It inevitably leads to a loss of freedom, and historically has led to misery, oppression, and mass state-sponsored murder. Protect Freedom PAC is committed to telling the truth about socialism.”

Protect Freedom PAC was founded for the purpose of supporting pro-freedom and liberty-minded candidates using the tactics, technology, and strategy that best fits each race individually. PFP was founded by seasoned political veterans with decades of national campaign experience, which includes working on the campaigns of both Ron and Rand Paul.