Hold The Line - GrokInterview with Susan Olsen - Granite Grok

Hold The Line – GrokInterview with Susan Olsen

Before all of the testimony on the Democrat Second Amendment infringing bills started, I caught up with the Womens’ Defense League honchos (and Groksters!) Kimberly Morin and Susan Olsen who graciously agreed to spend a few minutes with GraniteGrok.  Here, Susan Olsen shares her thoughts with me what these bills would do to the Live Free or Die State. Yet again, Progressives are trying, with the tactic of socialism by a thousand cuts, with respect to our Rights to keep and bear arms; take them away even as we live in one of the three most safest states in the union (and if you start analyzing the actual stats, probably the first):

Sidenote: thank you, Susan, for putting up with my coughing fit in the middle of the interview.  You were on such a roll that I didn’t want you to have to repeat the beginning!