Not only Voter ID, but what about "Running for Election" ID? - Granite Grok

Not only Voter ID, but what about “Running for Election” ID?

Anyways, I just thought I bring this up topic of Voter Fraud  again as this afternoon at lunch, I went down to file the paperwork to run for elected office again.  Well, given this topic of Voter ID, I wanted to find out if someone could come in and sign up to run – under someone else’s name:

And thanks to Denise Gonyer, my Town Clerk, for good naturedly putting up with me on this.  We’ve known each other for years now, and there’s no way I could “fake being me”.  But she admited, someone could have come in to run as my son with nary a problem…

So Zandra – whatcha gonna do about this new facet?  How much out of state money is going to fund you investigating instances like this?  Or are you only trying to eliminate one of the biggest thorns in the Progressive side, James O’Keefe?

Sidenote: I think it is a hoot that Zandra Rice-Hawkins is thinking that by bringing in thousands of online, and out of state, signatures that she can force an investigation by the NH Attorney General – nice catch by Steve on this.  You know, I bet there are a number of folks on the Right that are just smiling and cannot WAIT for this to go forward – you can be sure that the Discovery phase of the investigation is going to turn up all KINDS of malfeasance and subterfuge that the Right has been decrying for decades.  I am quite sure that a large number of the political hoi-paloi here in NH are gonna try to quash this quick – we cannot allow the High and Mighty to be embarrassed.  I, myself, however, would love this – you can be sure that James O’Keefe would soon be forgotten if only a quarter of the stories I’ve heard over the years make it into the investigation.

Never thought I’d be saying this but THANK YOU ZANDRA!