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RGGI…still a Scam (Audio)

RGGI Picking your pocketsIn my quest to mix it up , how about Blogs on Tape?  Here’s the audio version of “RGGI…still a Scam,” my GrokTALK! special presentation about the ongoing effort to end the scourge of the Regional Greenhouse Gas initiative.  (or something…)

If you’d prefer the print version the full transcript is on the jump.


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There was a hearing Tuesday on New Hampshire House Bill 1490 to repeal the Regional Green House gas initiative.  Yes, I missed it too.  But then I missed all the previous ones so I have an excuse.  But I blogged about them all and then some…except for this one…until now.

The people that did show up for the hearing, according to the New Hampshire Union leader, were overwhelmingly opposed to repeal.  This is instructive, because if you take that list of names, what you’ll have is a who’s who of people who are probably on the receiving end (in some form or another) of the only thing that the Regional Green House Gas Initiative was ever really meant to do–create political power by redistributing other peoples money.  That is all RGGI has done.  That is all it will ever do, no matter what any of the people on the take will tell you.

So pay attention legislators–even if no one showed up at the hearing to object, RGGI is still a scam.

Carbon trading is a big scam.  It is not just a great big scam, it doesn’t work,  Which is why the investment community forced the once-thought-lucrative-US-carbon trading business out of business.

If  George Soros, Peter Lewis, or any of the other Progressive millionaires who finance all those non-partisan (cough cough) grass roots groups,  can’t find a reason to prop up some whacky left wing Al Gorian Allegory like Carbon trading and CO2 mitigation, then it is time for even liberal democrats to look past the pageantry of the Climate change fiction and admit the truth; that the temporal manifestation of the man-made Climate Mythology is nothing more than every other man-made progressive policy prescription;  it is a scheme to redistribute wealth into the hands of Democrats, bureaucrats, and their favored constituencies.  Carbon trading schemes don’t even reduce CO2, a problem Democrats recognized a long time ago when they changed the name to Climate change and tried to claim that it was not CO2 we were fighting it was pollution.  So the only remnants are pointless shadow taxes like RGGI that do nothing for the environment unless that environment is political and you are trying to regulate money and rhetoric.

You might as well call RGGI the Regional Ghost Gas initiative.  Ghosts are a huge problem for the environment, right?  The Regional Ghost Gas Initiative would impose a fee in the form or credits purchased by morgues, crematoriums, cemeteries, funeral parlors, and people who watch Ghost Hunters, to help mitigate the adverse environmental effects of an invisible gas caused by human activity–in this case decomposition, and the radiant supernatural by products of lost souls who have shuffled off their mortal coils but remain trapped on the temporal plane.  It could be a weekly show on Nat Geo, the Travel channel, OWN, or better still,  Current TV;  Just imagine… every week, 60 minutes of some mouth breather like Al Gore droning through shaky cam night vision shots going…wait…did you feel that?  There was a warm spot here.   It’s gone now.  Tell me you got that on camera?

Honestly, what is the difference between the two?  Both are supernatural phenomena equally marketable to the uninformed and gullible masses.  You just pick an industry or behavior, preferably one that is so ubiquitous that no one can escape it (like energy, health care, or how about birth control), fabricate some end of world scenario, scare the crap out of everyone with wild claims that include suffering children and a crippling future for the next generations, then lay blame at the feet of your political opponents while using the left-wing gestapo media to shout down anyone who dares to object to your plans to force everyone to pay for it.

What left wing policy wouldn’t that work for?

Look, I don’t care if RGGI costs me a nickle or one-hundred dollars a month, RGGI it is a broad based, regressive, stealth tax, that you pay every day on your utility bills and in the costs of goods and services everywhere and anywhere you go, forever.  And like all taxes, sooner or later, it will go up.  And for what?

To mitigate the effects of an invisible gas that is actually essential to life as we know it on this earth.  Scooby and the gang might have better luck chasing ghosts after which in a strange twist of fate, the culprit they unmask turns out to be their guest star, Al Gore, who disguised as the Green Ghost, was just about to fly off in his private jet to one of many palacious estates, pockets stuffed with carbon credits.  And you know what.  He would have gotten away with it, if it weren’t for those nosy kids and their dumb dog.

And that 34 million or so that the benefactors of RGGI in New Hampshire promote as good for the people of New Hampshire?  That came from the people of New Hampshire.  So the real question might be this.  Since it is already your money, money that will inevitably and continuously come out of your pocket as long as RGGI remains in force, who do you think is better prepared to decide how best to allocate it to meet your needs.

Some distant out of state collective and a bunch of New Hampshire Bureaucrats…or you?