GrokTALK! Special Interview - DaTechGuy (Pete Ingemi) and Jack Kimball / Jeff Chidester - Granite Grok

GrokTALK! Special Interview – DaTechGuy (Pete Ingemi) and Jack Kimball / Jeff Chidester

The ‘Grok went to the Ovide Lamontagne reception last Saturday evening and the videos are here, here, here, and here).

We also had the chance to do a couple of GrokTALK! Special interviews.  First one was with DaTechGuy (Pete Ingemi) and being from Massachusetts, he wanted to discuss what he had just observed (his post is here) and we talked about both Ovide Lamontagne’s and Jack Kimball’s speeches (and how both differ, apply, and contrast  to the Elizabeth Warren campaign back in MA), the NH Gov. race in general and Ovide’s part in it, blogger “citizen journalism”, and the James O’Keefe interview and Voter Fraud:

Also, we sat down with ‘Grok friends Jeff Chidester and Jack Kimball where we discussed: NH Gov race, TEA Party and Prez Candidates vs local races, 2012 Presidential Primary, NH GOP, closed primaries, Occupy Wall Street, income equality, 1968 Democratic Convention (and the media representation of the next Democrat Convention),

And one of “Jeff’s Great Statements”:

“The Press today has completely perverted the First Amendment to the point where the blood that was shed to guareentee that right for the Press is close to being wasted blood.  The Patriots have gone forth to secure those freedoms so that the Press could be skeptical, crucial, and objective.  They have completely abandoned that, and frankly, have disgraced those soldiers who have laid down their lives to defend that for them.  It’s a shame.

Jack followed that up with his observation of the agenda of the press shown in the debates (re: the crowd booing Stephanopoulas on contraception and the moderators ignoring the large issues of the day).