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Home Free Acapella group - O Holy Night

Christmas Cheer – Oh, Holy Night

This time by Home Free – another acapella group I recognize from “The Spin-off”.  Great bass singer as well! (H/T: OldManNH for the song tip!)

12 days of Christmas

Christmas Cheer – Pentatonix: 12 days of Christmas

I love acapella groups and one of the best has consistently been Pentatonix ever since they won “The Sing-off” in its third season (a show I wish NBC would bring back as it featured both college, choir, and professionals).  Here, they perform “The 12 Days of Christmas”: (H/T: TMEW)


So why does the US suffer such “Homelessness”?

Research Fellow Christopher Rufo takes a little more than 12 minutes in a compelling vidumentary to dissect why the homelessness problem keeps getting worse even as officials spend increasing billions of tax dollars on illusory solutions, then points to the actual causes and how to make measurable progress. Genuine compassion begins with facing reality. Compassion …

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GA Ballot Fraud survellience video

The Georgia Ballot-Count “Smoking Gun” Video Has Not Been Debunked!

Lead Stories is a group of progressive hacks that Facebook uses to silence dissent. We exposed them in February when they made up a fact to mark our reporting as false. They’ve been at it ever since, so the Late-Nite Georgia Ballot-Count Video had to catch their attention. It did, and they claim to have …

The Georgia Ballot-Count “Smoking Gun” Video Has Not Been Debunked! Read More »