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Antifa BLM to suburbia bag limit

Will You Be The Steel or Will You Be the Mush?

I just back upstairs from letting TMEW know that the BLM/Antifa riots have just gone “hot.” Sure, I’ve been watching the videos of when Antifa meet up with the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer in Portland or Seattle for a couple of years now.


White Silence is Violence?

If you didn’t think the Left’s demands could not get worse, well, we warned you. Suprise would not be a word suitable to this piece. Militant protesters invaded a restaurant and started chanting, fists raised. One patron, who seemed uninterested or unwilling to participate, became a target of this mob.


Those Who Tell Stories Rule Society

Our readers are familiar with the marriage of Big Tech and the media when it comes to narrative control. It is the high-tech extension of what was once a monopoly on thought. The old days before AM radio and online contrarians. When the Left controlled the message.