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Enduring Public Health Myths – Don’t Be Afraid, Be Informed

Most of the chaos of the past 12 months was politically driven and completely avoidable. Normal need ever have been relegated behind mountains of emergency orders and mandates. A problem that only persists because the State – politicians and media – desire it, and we allow it.

Truth Lies

Left-Wing Lies That Cost People Their Lives

The media and politicians have lied a lot in years past. These prevarications set a historic pace since 2016, with 2020 breaking records. Not little white (supremacist?) lies. Not even just gross exaggerations. These lies cost people their lives.

Tucker Carlson

The Government Has Declared War on Its Own People and It Means to Win That War

This falls into the category of must-watch television. Tucker Carlson, from last Friday. It needs very little introduction but put simply, the government has declared war on its own people and it means to win that war. Even if the war destroys the nation or any number of its citizens, as long as it isn’t …

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AFP-NH Puts a Focus on 10 Key Legislative Priorities for 2021

Last week American’s for Prosperity New Hampshire published a list of legislative priorities for the Granite State in 2021. They’ve put a much-needed focus on ten pieces of legislation covering Education, Licensing, Free Speech, Asset Forfeiture, Health Care, and (believe it or not) Climate Change (sort of).

Pam Tucker and Steve Stepenak

The NH GOP Has Lost the Consent of the Governed

Still no apology from the NH GOP, i.e. Chair Stephen Stepanek or Vice-Chair Pam Tucker, for the disrespectful mismanagement and violation of the rules of order during the Jan. 23rd virtual NH GOP meeting to elect state party officers.

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Joe “Job Killer” Biden Rides Again!

On Day One, president asterisk took a tire iron to New Mexico’s economy and that of some Utah Indians as well. They’re not happy. But the damage is a lot worse than that. His promised changes could easily cost Americans 6 million jobs, and he’s just getting started.