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“When Libs Give You Triggers, Squeeze!”

Bill Burr ranks high on my list of favorite comedians. He says whatever he wants, and he doesn’t care if you are offended. That’s the point. If it bugs you don’t listen or turn it off (I think Liberals used to say that back in the day™, so double irony).

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The Audio From Life with Liz – 4/12/21 Appearance

Sorry for the delay (we did the show on Monday, April, 12th, and now it’s Saturday – I’ll get more timely!)  but for those that wanted to hear the April 12th edition of “Monday Morning Wake Up  Chat with the ‘Grok”with the ‘Grok, here it is!

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I’ll Be on the Life with Liz Show (This Morning around 11:20)

I was on with Liz Gabert of Life with Liz,  (WSMN 1590 AM) back in March and enjoyed it quite a bit. She then offered to have me on as a quick segment every other Monday – today is the start of that run and the segment is called Monday Morning Wakeup!  

Life With Liz

Abusing Joe Biden, WRBA, and Border Security

I join Liz Gabert (as a guest co-host) to talk about Joe Biden’s fall, who is running the Biden Administration, elder abuse, politics, culture, and we are joined mid-show by a special guest reporting on her recent visit to the mess on our Southern Border.

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Why I Won’t Get the Vaccine, Slavery, the Windham Election Incident, and More…

I spent an hour in Nashua yesterday with Liz Gabert on the air at WSMN1590 AM, and as promised, I’m trying to make more audio content available to our readers (and listeners). It’s always fun to co-host Life with Liz; we talked about the Windham ‘Incident,’ slavery, why I won’t get the experimental vaccine and …

Why I Won’t Get the Vaccine, Slavery, the Windham Election Incident, and More… Read More »

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If You Missed It Listen to RebuildNH’s COVID-19 Policy Summit

On Monday, November 30th, RebuildNH hosted and live-streamed their COVID-19 Legislators Policy Summit. This event brought together experts to address issues such as “lockdown effectiveness, herd immunity, unintended consequences, contact tracing and mass testing, face coverings, and more.”