Looming Elections, GOTV, and Illegal Immigrant Caravans

I continue my conversation with Kimberly Morin (guest hosting on The Real Side with Joe Messina). This time we’re talking about the looming election, get out the vote, what’s motivating both sides, and then we discuss the illegal immigrant caravan making its way toward our southern border. (Part 3) Part 1 – Part 2

My Interview (as a guest) of Kimberly Morin on The Real Side with Joe Messina (Part 1)

I had the opportunity to chat with Kimberly Morin (guest hosting for Joe Messina on The Real Side), about, New Media, and its impact on old media, politics, and culture. This is the first of two segments on the topic (in the first hour of a two-hour appearance). In hour two we move on to discuss …

My Interview (as a guest) of Kimberly Morin on The Real Side with Joe Messina (Part 1) Read More »

Twitter Wars: Our Kimberly Smacks Down Kirsten Powers

Since her departure from Fox, Kirsten Powers has transformed from thoughtful liberal to full-on FemiNazi, and has chosen to side with the howling mobs and shrill harpies over the Kavanaugh nomination, especially regarding the mob’s animosity to Susan Collins for doing the right thing and standing up for due process. Apparently Powers took exception to …

Twitter Wars: Our Kimberly Smacks Down Kirsten Powers Read More »

Marsy’s Law – Bad for Victims, Bad for New Hampshire

Nicole Fortune joins me to discuss a proposed amendment to the constitution (CACR22) known as Marsy’s law. A change sold as victims rights that are actually bad for victims, bad for privacy, bad for the accused, but good for government. Listen to find out why. Follow this podcast on iTunes

The Interviews – Week Ending 4-7-2018

Another week’s worth of content compiled into one handy podcast. We start with a rewind episode with Dr. Matt Briggs about Trump’s polling before the election and end with a warning about dealing with the left. Never give up, never surrender, and never ever beg. Follow this Program on our podcast feed

Never Beg

The left can’t just disagree. They seek and exploit any sign of weakness to destroy political opponents. Skip Murphy and I explore the topic by jumping off an article in Taki Mag by David Cole titled, “Memo to Laura Ingraham, Never Beg.” Follow this program on Facebook