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Who is Andrew Breitbart?

Who indeed. Flying my Free State Project colors the other day, I saw Breitbart speak…   …and came away more than impressed.

September 15th.

Do we have the sense to realize that with at least three to five well organized groups already keyed in to the base and in contact with the independent voters for every race, that by shifting these supporters into a massive push on September 15th to back each of the primary winners (along with a focused and parallel GOP effort in every local race), all the way to November, that we will not only take back the state, but take it back with huge margins?

Where You Gonna Run?

Separation of powers was meant to divide the authority so that a process of checks and balances was created to protect the people from abuses of power.  This simple reality makes two things the democrats want you to believe impossible.  

Burning Korans? Bad. Burning Bibles? Good. Burning Christians alive? That’s okay too.

                  Muslims don’t like the idea of burning Korans. But where was the international Muslim outrage when Muslims were burning crosses and Bibles and firing RPG’s into Churches throughout Gaza in 2007?                   Answer: There was none.                   What about Christians burned alive in Pakistan because they wouldn’t convert to Islam? Where was the international Muslim outrage?                   Answer: There …

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Turn Your Head And Cough

Looks like the FDA is looking to change how we get our cough syrup.  They are holding a hearing on September 14th to review their fabulous new idea–to require a doctors prescription to get the same cough remedy you currently get over the counter. You would need to go to and pay for a doctor …

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