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Employee Free Choice Act

  ECFA, the Employee Free Choice Act (aka, Card Check) is the bill that may soon be debated in Congress that would effectively do away with secret ballot decisions for employees confronted with the choice of going with a union or staying as an individual working on their own merit.  In essence: Once 50% + …

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High Tech Watchdog

During his campaign seeking the Republican nomination for NH’s 2nd Congressional District seat, one of the things that impressed us about Grant Bosse was his use of new technology and the new media. He continues to do so in his position as Lead Investigative Reporter at the Josiah Bartlett Center and the resident NH Watchdog: (CONCORD) …

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Notable Quotes – Bruce

From NoLookingBackwards: A free society is a society, wherein the rights of the many are not taken away based on the unlawful or reckless behavior of an amoral minority. Note: I said "free" society, not "civil" society, for I know of no such place. -Bruce

Republican Budget for NH: No new taxes. No raised taxes.

Concord—In response to a state budget proposal from House Democrats that would cost the taxpayers of New Hampshire $133 million in additional property taxes, House Republicans today offered their alternative budget at a press conference held in Concord. “Two years ago we warned that the Democrats were overspending and relying on over- inflated revenue estimates …

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