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What If You Could Not Leave?

So is it any surprise that the unions and their pet government bureaucracy the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), the epitome of the fox in the hen house, didn’t want Boeing to move any of its manufacturing from Washington State (where employees are forced to join unions), to South Carolina (where workers have actual rights.)

Cut The Legislature Says The Shrill Kathy

“The two pillars of ‘political correctness’ are: a) willful ignorance;  b) a steadfast refusal to face the truth.” ~George MacDonald, Poet and Novelist (1824-1905) In the Union Leader today, the Shrill Kathy bemoans the legislature for austere measures. A big-government liberal like Kathy Sullivan sticks to the same old template of bankrupting budgets and oppressive …

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Words for Concord

I just got home from a school board meeting and TMEW told me "hey, you HAVE to call <name here>; he’s an NH Rep?  OK, it’s 10:30pm but I’ll call. So, I did, and the question was "I am torn – vote yes, or vote no?" on several issues on which will be coming up …

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NH SB3 – pension reform

While I was at RightOnline, it looks like the House and the Senate agreed on how to fix the massive problem NH faces concerning paying for the retirements of public employees.  Why am I not surprised at this: The final deal, as of July 1, will increase what all non-state public employees have to contribute …

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RightOnLine: Wow What a Show!

GrokTALK! went to AFP’s RightOnLine conference this weekend (June 17th/18th) in Minneapolis, where we set up GrokTalk in Radio Row – a promotion from last year. Click the logo for official ROL videos. Groksters Skip and Mike manned the booth and interviewed guests almost non-stop from 8:30 to 3pm on Friday (booth required for another station) and …

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