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Fact Check (Dot) Wrong

It’s not news that is run by the Annenberg Foundation, which is one of many Soros left wing cash machines giving grants to liberals and non-profits set up to destroy freedom in America.  So to even venture that might have a bias seems like a waste of perfectly good digital trees.  But sometimes …

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Lunch for Lynch

Mike Hoefer is skipping his Lunch for Lynch and he’s asking the folks at Boo Hoo Hampshire to do the same.  He figures, rather than spend $9.68 at Panera bread he’s donating that money to Lynch for Governor to help fight back against the attacks by NOM. Well Mike, I have a few thoughts. Panera …

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Lynch Lies Some More

He lied about the confab being for campaign contributions, he lied about the deficit and spending, he lied about balancing the budget, the "surplus" meme is a lie in the context with which he’s applied it, he stood for parental rights then shot them down, he said he was against broad based taxes but signed …

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Bill O’Brien and Historic Change in the NH House of Representatives

Here’s something no one has discussed: For possibly the first time in New Hampshire history, "newcomers" to the state House of Representatives—first and second term reps—will constitute a majority. And not a small one either. A very large one. 7th term state Rep. Bob Rowe has just released a commentary. Here, in part, is what he says: "You have seen the …

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How Do You Create A Job?

How do you create a job? Easy question, unless you are a liberal democrat like Dick Blumenthal.  Linda McMahon asked this question in her debate last night with Dick whom she is running against for the a Senate Seat from Connecticut.  He didn’t seem to know how. (See Red State for the video). Oddly enough, …

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Shea-Porter On Health Care

There’s an Ad running that points out some facts.  Carol Seiu-Porter voted for Obamacare.  It will make costs rise.  You will lose coverage.  No body wanted it. It will affect seniors. These are indisputable facts.  Companies have to drop coverage because ObamaCare makes it too expensive.  Insurers are dropping kids and doctors are running away …

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The Democrat Infection Map -Watch the Jobs Die

  This is a capture of an interactive map showing the unemployment legacy of Barack Obama and the Democrats.  It runs to June of 2010.  You can go here to watch the infection spread.  Then you can go to ballot box on November 2nd to vote out the democrats so the healing can begin.