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Abusive Union supporting John Lynch

CSS is funded by the SEIU, with additional money from other major unions, a few pro-government health care groups, and yes, the Democrat Governors association. It’s policy focus claims are Energy, Economy, Health Care, and Seniors. It’s Policy page reads like Jeanne Shaheen For Senate 2008, or anything you might find at OFA then or now. It’s thin on details, high on rhetoric, and we’ve heard it before, and just recently watched it fail as applied by the left under Obama.

Today’s Letter: Are Tea Partiers Extremists?

To the Editor:   Some media and political pundits describe Tea Partiers as  “extremists” and “out of the mainstream”.  Tea Partiers want smaller, fiscally responsible government operating within the US Constitution, the rule of law not men, and greater economic freedom.  Does that sound extreme to you?  It shouldn’t, many republicans and democrats promise these …

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“Let’s Deface a Carol-Shea Porter Sign!” Contest

The Carol-Shea Porter campaign is not-surprisingly hypocritical. They use a video frame from a GraniteGrok YouTube video in one of their anti-Guinta commercials, and refuse to give credit – effectively stealing our material. Yet, when a citizen uses one of her signs, which he obtained legally, to protest her Progressive, destructive record in Congress, they call the police to make him take it down; pathetic. So in honor of the man, and in the style of “Draw Mohammed Day”, we are sponsoring a “Let’s Deface a Carol-Shea Porter Sign!” contest. Send us your entry to

Beware Misleading Jobs Numbers

If New Hampshire only had one person in their workforce, and they had a job, unemployment would be at 0%. Keep that in mind as John Lynch and the democrats short-stroke the September adjusted jobs number around as a sign that they are good for the economy.

Carol Shea-Porter Isn’t In The Middle Class

Carol is living well ladies and gentleman while her policies have sewed uncertainty into a stalled economy that has 15 million people unemployed or underemployed, with little or no sign that the job situation will be improving under her watch.

Nancy Shea-Pelosi On….Honestly I have No Idea What This Woman Is On

Just because it makes no sense:  The Speaker of the US House explains how unemployment creates jobs.  This is the kind of stupid thinking that Carol Shea-Porter Supports.  And After the ‘Every Dollar of Food Stamps nets $1.78 worth of economy” comment, this has to be one of my favorite dingbat, left-wingisms. Hint: The democrat’s …

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No, these are not Democrat values (even if a Democrat writes it)

In response to Terry Downs’s Letter to the Editor (see after the jump): To the Editor:  Terry Downs’ letter to the Laconia Daily Sun on October 12 mostly  seems right, but his conclusion is baffling.  Most Americans probably share the three key values he identifies, personal freedom, equitable tax code with no one getting a …

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