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Some Good News … More Americans Supporting Separating Into Two Countries

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Talking-Head Larry Sabato thinks it is a bad thing that a majority of Trump voters and a sizable minority of Biden voters favor splitting into two countries:

I think it is a welcome and timely development.

Democracy should be a means to an end … not an end in itself. When you have a majority that has nothing in common with the minority, democracy becomes indistinguishable from tyranny. And we are at that point. Biden voters and Trump voters have nothing … NOTHING … in common. As Jessee Kelly observed in 2018:

We are a nation hopelessly divided. We are more divided now than we have ever been in our history. And before you start screaming at me about the Civil War, keep in mind that bloody conflict was fought over one major issue. In those days, take ten families from New York and ten families from Alabama, put them all in a room, and you’d find they mostly had the same values (and bad accents).

Now, fast-forward to today and do that same thing. Those families have virtually nothing in common. We as a nation have polarized and separated from each other.

The divide has gotten worse … MUCH WORSE … since then. COVID has revealed that approximately one-half of this nation want to live in a biomedical security state. As Dave Reaboi recently observed:

… we have in America today what are, essentially, two competing, radically different and mutually exclusive conceptions of the Good, of justice, and of the proper role of the state in its interactions with its citizens. 

Democracy only produces self-government when there are shifting majorities. When 50.1% of the people disagree with the other 49.9% on EVERYTHING, for all practical purposes the 49.9% have no say in their government. There is a ruling class and a ruled class. As a practical matter, it is no different than living under a king, emperor, sultan, dictator, shogun, generalissimo, shah, etc.. It’s the illusion of self-government … not the real thing.

Which means it is time to split into two countries. That is not practical, you say? Consider the alternative.

If we don’t split, our side will face the choice of capitulation or living … at best … as a persecuted underclass. No jab, no job … will become don’t turn in your gun, no credit card, no bank account, no health insurance, etc. etc. etc… If you cannot see that this is where we are rapidly heading, you are DELUSIONAL.

Of course, I recognize that it will be very complicated and very difficult to split up. That is why we need to start talking seriously about it NOW.