Dinner Event with Generals Bolduc and Flynn - Granite Grok

Dinner Event with Generals Bolduc and Flynn

Generals Flynn and Bolduc on stage for the dinner event Oct 6th 2021

On October 6th 2021, American hero General Michael. Flynn crisscrossed NH in support of General Don Bolduc’s bid for the US Senate – The final event was dinner with around 300 attending. Grok was there…

The two of them barely stopped for breath from a breakfast with invited veterans – intro by MLB great Rico Petrocelli – to a dinner fundraiser with about 300 people attending. Other highlights included a business leadership roundtable with a small group of Patriots concerned with the direction the country is headed, and a meet and greet at Londonderry Fish and Game Club. MC for the dinner was Jeff Chidester, and he professed that the two energizer bunnies made him dizzy with the frenetic pace of the day.
They didn’t let up for dinner time, either, General Bolduc worked the entire room, paying particular attention to veterans as he made his way around.

First up, introductory ceremonies, including Invocation (Di Lothrop), a bagpipe rendition of “Amazing Grace” for the 13 killed in the botched Afghan withdrawal (Kevin Collins), the Pledge of. Allegiance (Mike Coutu), and an excellent rendition of. the National Anthem by Alan St Louis:


After dinner, Jeff brought on Master Sergeant John Bolduc (brother to General Don Bolduc) to introduce the General, who gave a great speech:


Finally, General Bolduc introduced General Flynn, who gave an impassioned speech about the direction of our country, and what YOU can do about it. Most excellent, and try to watch it all: