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Craig’s Chaos – Why It’s Time for Change in Manchester

Craigs chaos screen grab Joe Kellys video 2

There is no shortage of evidence. If you let Democrats run a city long enough, it will become a cesspool of poverty and crime. Here in New Hampshire, we’re watching that happen with the slow-motion destruction of Manchester by Democrat Mayor Joyce Craig.

In just a few years, wrong choice Joyce has made the same mistakes as every other left-wing-run city. A trend we know will continue. They all do it. They’ve all done it. They get into office and, as quickly as possible, try to turn it into a one-party city-state. What follows is crime, poverty, filth, and ironically, out-of-control spending that never addresses the problems and only makes them worse.

Manchester residents need to get out and vote and not just to remove Joyce Craig. The School Board (Board of School Committee) and City Boards all need an enema.

Craigs chaos screen grab Joe Kellys video

Manchester needs a Republican mayor and the legislative support of other elected officials to make any meaningful change.

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Joe Kelly Levasseur put together this little montage called Craig’s Chaos. Check it out and share it.