The Designer of AOC's 'Tax the Rich' Dress is a "Notorious Tax Deadbeat" - Granite Grok

The Designer of AOC’s ‘Tax the Rich’ Dress is a “Notorious Tax Deadbeat”

AOC Wears Tax the Rich Dress to Event for the uber wealthy

Sandy Cortez set tongues wagging when she showed up at the exclusive $30,000.00 per ticket MET gala in a “Tax the Rich” dress. But that’s not all she did. The woman who designed it has been exposed as a deadbeat who doesn’t do her Patriotic Duty™ and pays her taxes.


The Post found tax records showing IRS tax liens totaling $103,220 in the parent company of her fashion brand. There are also “three open warrants in New York State for failing to withhold $14,798 in income taxes from employee paychecks (plus twelve other since-resolved NY tax warrants), and a $17,000 fine for failing to carry worker’s compensation insurance,” writes Mediate.

Mediate continues, “She’s also a rent deadbeat, the Post claims, describing an eviction action by James’ previous landlord – along with a demand for more than $25,000 plus interest for staying beyond her lease. The case was settled for an undisclosed amount.”


She’s also allegedly a bad boss. Reports suggest she harrases her staff and runs a sweat shop-like environment in which she abuses an endless stream of interns.

Who better to make a dress for Socialist Alexandria Ocasio Cortez than a woman who doesn’t pay her bills or her employees. A dress for a woman who used to cry poor but can drop $30,000.00 on a ticket to a fundraiser for the New York elite while pretending to look out for the interests of the little people her designer abuses.

It’s the perfect little Marxist fairy tale.