Teacher "Resigns" After Calling Student a "Piece of Sh!t" for Not Masking Properly - Granite Grok

Teacher “Resigns” After Calling Student a “Piece of Sh!t” for Not Masking Properly

Orwell 1984 Two Minutes Mask Hate

These liberal maskholes are getting out of hand. “The now-former music teacher at Glenbard North High School in Carol Stream, Illinois, Scott Grigoletto, can be heard screaming at and threatening to call the local authorities on the student.”

I didn’t think drinking alcohol was allowed during school hours but this guy sure seems a bit unhinged.

Language, please.


He should resign out of embarrassment.

The odds of this young man getting COVID are slim. And, mathematically, based on actual data (science!) he may not even be able to spread it even if that mask was capable of the miracles falsely attributed to it

Scott Grigoletto probably watches too much CNN and MSNBC. Maybe with a few sides of local or national network news. A poor excise for an informed American.

These frauds frequently report opinions as facts and things that are simply not true. They are also lying by omission. While the specter of flu deaths for some is real every year there is a mountain of good news and supporting data that would prevent much of this nonsense if it were about public health and not some progressive political agenda.

Kids do not need to mask nor do they need The Jab. If they are unwell, just stay home. And you do not need to “test” the whole family. That’s a huge waste of time and resources..

What the Obamacare era Dems would have called unnecessary testing to inflate bills (and the cost of health care)!

New research also suggests that teachers are not more likely to get COVID than any other occupation which means healthy adults have nothing to fear.

Not a thing.

You just unemployed yourself in defense of left-wing lies and the idea that the government can or even wants to protect you. It has neither the capability nor the inclination nor the constitutional authority – though several of these ships long-ago sailed and I’m not sure we’ll ever get them back.

On the bright side, we got to watch another unhinged jerk lose their sh!t over something trivial.