Sandy Cortez (AOC) Shows Off Her 'Tax the Rich Dress' at $30,000.00/Ticket Met Gala - Granite Grok

Sandy Cortez (AOC) Shows Off Her ‘Tax the Rich Dress’ at $30,000.00/Ticket Met Gala

AOC Wears Tax the Rich Dress to Event for the uber wealthy

Sandy Cortez, the Neiman Marxist, known more commonly by her political ‘pen-name’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, has found, yet again,  a way to get some attention. She wore a custom-made “Tax the Rich” dress to the MetGala. Why not Kill the Rich?

This is where all those evil rich people are, after all.

The MET Gala is a fashion extravaganza and parade of wealth for those who might care, attracting celebs and the uber-wealthy, often wearing clothes that cost more than most Americans make in a year.

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Attendance is $30,000.00 per ticket. In other words, you need to be rich.

So, here’s Sandy Cortez looking fabulous in her tax the rich duds.


AOC Wears Tax the Rich Dress to Evetn that costs 30K to attend
AOC Wears Tax the Rich Dress to Event that costs 30K to attend


Shouldn’t it say kill the rich?

Word is she got mixed reviews. I wonder why?

Quick question. We know these political celebrity climbers have people whom they bounce things off before they take them public. Speeches, outfits, event attendance, interviews, almost everything. Their image the perception are far more important than what they actually do as legislators.

Who thought this was a good idea?

And in their defense, we are talking about it and her, so if that was the point… but next year, maybe a bit more commitment.


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