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Political Indoctrination in NH Schools is Dumbing Down Your Child: Fish Tank Learning

Fish Tank

Anti-racists say babies in the womb begin their journey to racism before birth. By the age of three, toddlers are well on their way to becoming white supremacists.

The Arizona Department of Education created an “equity” toolkit claiming that babies show the first signs of racism at three months old and that white children “remain strongly biased in favor of whiteness” by age five.


They're not too young to talk about race
They’re not too young to talk about race


So what are school administrators going to do about this? 

Some Superintendents have hired organizations like 2 Revolutions to shame your teachers because of their white skin. Some are using tax dollars to buy programs like Fishtanklearning.org. Not only will your kids be blamed and shamed for the color of their skin, but they will also make sure that your children are not taught important academic content in the core subjects like Social Studies and Science. Everything taught is now taught through the lens of racism.

While racism is a topic that should certainly be covered, something else is going on. The curriculum has changed to one where everything is presented through the lens of racism.  It’s a radical worldview that seeks to indoctrinate children versus teach them the academic content in the core subjects.

If you are looking for an education similar to what children receive in Pakistan or from a radicalized religious cult, put your children in a school focused on Critical Race Theory. Not only will your child graduate ILLITERATE, but they will also be subjected to years of radical political indoctrination too.

What? This doesn’t sound good? Then you better get involved in eradicating this garbage from your school district.

Some New Hampshire schools are buying programs like Fish Tank Learning. It sounds fun, but when you peel back the layers, you can see the political bias. Let’s take a look at 5th grade Social Studies and Science topics.

The four topics listed below EXCLUDE a great deal of academic content:
1) Protecting the Earth Plastic Pollution
2) Si Se Puede The Migrant Workers Movement
3) Young Heros: Children of the Civil Rights Movement
4) Exploring Mars Spirit and Opportunity

You can sense a political bias in the topics they chose to cover in 5th grade.

Now go to the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence:

By the way, this Scope and Sequence is FREE to teachers who want to use it.

Look at all of those topics that are covered in 5th grade if you use the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence, and then compare those topics to the four topics covered in Fish Tank Learning. You can see that your children will be denied academic content if your school chose Fish Tank Learning.

Coming soon in 9th grade, students will be studying more political bias in Smash the Patriarchy: Toxic Masculinity & Coming of Age in Dominicana.And in 1oth grade, students will be studying Cancel Culture: Censorship, Truth, and Happiness in Fahrenheit 451: I suppose we should be happy that they at least threw in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams– but you can clearly see the political bias in the other selections.

Children should certainly learn about historical events like slavery, civil rights and racism. But you can’t ignore other parts of history and geography at the same time. Over several years, they will deny children an academic foundation in these important core subjects.

Ask high school students if they can read and comprehend the Federalist Papers. There’s no doubt it’s a challenging read, but many home-schooled children read them before graduating from high school. Why? Because home-school parents tend to focus on academic excellence for their children. They’re not dumbing down the curriculum in an effort to push politically charged propaganda down their throats. I know, I work closely with many home-school families.

What these other politically charged programs do to your children is criminal. This isn’t an education, this is indoctrination. When your children are indoctrinated, these administrators are denying your children opportunities in the future.

The self-esteem fad from the ’80s forced parents to fight their administrators and school board members to refocus on academics. That’s why we see parents storming their school board meetings and demanding that the political bias and indoctrination be removed from their classes. They know the price they pay is illiteracy, and Superintendents making 6-figure salaries will be put in the hot-seat. These administrators need to be run out of your district immediately.

Fish Tank Learning recommends texts for independent reading that includes books like “The Hate U Give.”   When The Hate U Give when was assigned to 9th-grade students in one school district, it caused parents to fight to get rid of it because it was teaching their kids to hate the police. According to that critique, it also entices violence and murder of citizens and police.


The Hate U Give is no stranger to criticism, having been on the American Library Association’s most challenged list since its publication in 2017. Reasons for its continual challenge include it being “‘pervasively vulgar’ and because of drug use, profanity, and offensive language.”


This is what Fish Tank Learning suggests for 5th-grade children to read.

Your children do not give up their civil rights when they walk through the doors of their local public school. Whether your children are white, brown or black, they have civil rights. They also have equal protection under the law.

If your school administrators cannot do their job properly, then get rid of them. This is discriminatory behavior that should land them in court, and result in them losing their educator credentials.

It will happen if this continues. Parents are lawyering up because they are fed up. So if you are a teacher, administrator or school board member, you’ve been warned. Parents and taxpayers are fed up with what you’ve been doing to their children, and they are coming after you in court and your job.


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