Nightcap - The Rules are for Thee not For Me: Mayor of San Francisco Edition - Granite Grok

Nightcap – The Rules are for Thee not For Me: Mayor of San Francisco Edition

Mayor of San Fran maskless dancing an indoor concert

Numerous Democrat scolds, and public health despots have been busted demanding things while going about their lives as if these rules do not apply to them. That’s because they don’t, and if you did not know that well, it’s Democrat Socialism 101. Here’s today’s lesson.


Authoritative San Francisco Mayor London Breed said in August the city must bring back the indoor mask mandate. Only very few people can go without a mask indoors. Our lives depend on it, y’all!

Weird. On Thursday, Breed partied her heart out at Black Cat nightclub with BLM co-founder Alicia Garza. Neither one wore masks.


Our lives do not depend on it, but our living in fear and remaining beholden to their control does.



Skip the fear just like everyone you see in this photo. The mayor, by the way, is in the back on the left (figures), dancing by what looks like a big brick fireplace. She’s having a good time, indoors, with all these maskless folks, in violation of her orders.

You can remove a mask to eat or drink. London Breed is not doing either.

And that’s fine. The statistical average for all cases of surviving a positive case of COVID in the US is still 98.7%. If you are healthy and not overweight, it’s more like 100%. SHe’s got nothing to fear except fear itself.

And that’s all this is.

And she didn’t forget. She knows.

She doesn’t want you to know. None of them do.

Hey, watch out for the human feces when you leave.