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Nashua Student with Anxiety Tossed Out of School for Not Wearing a Mask

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Schools across the state of New Hampshire have children attending school with and without masks on their face. In many private schools, parents decide if their child needs to wear a mask to school. Some public school boards also voted to uphold the rights of parents to make this decision.

Parents in other schools have had to battle their elected representatives so that they can make this decision.

I continue to wonder if the kids in public schools where masks are mandated, will be forced to wear these masks forever. When the school boards take on this responsibility, to protect children from catching a virus, where does it end?

Some of the children with health complications can be put at risk from other diseases and viruses. Won’t they expect masks on children long after COVID? If COVID somehow goes away?

In Nashua, a decision was made by the School Board Chair requiring a child to be sent to the nurse’s office if that child is not wearing their mask. But as you can see in this video, the child was tossed out of the school after removing his mask.

His mother was under the impression that he’d be sent to the nurse’s office. Maybe he could have de-stressed and then return to class after that. Remember, these kids are not carrying the virus, they are perfectly healthy. This child did not take a COVID test, so there was no evidence that he tested positive.

If a school district is charged with caring for a child’s social and emotional needs, how does this kind of behavior by school officials live up to that promise?

I certainly understand that this virus has presented some challenges to the school district, but that’s why these kinds of decisions are best left up to the parents. They are not only failing this child by not educating him, but they are also adding to his stress and anxiety.

This isn’t meeting his social and emotional needs.


If you are going to take on the role of mental health provider, then DO YOUR JOB.

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