(Mis) "Leading" Democrat Ray Buckley Worried About "People" Dying ... Not Really. - Granite Grok

(Mis) “Leading” Democrat Ray Buckley Worried About “People” Dying … Not Really.

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True North Reports has an article from Center Square titled New Hampshire Leaders Split Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate. In it, New Hampshire Republicans and Democrats give their thoughts on the Biden Vaccine mandate. Guess how that went?

Republicans say it’s awful, and Democrats are outraged that Republicans think it’s awful. One such Dem, State Party Chair for Life™, Ray Buckley, called their opposition “deadly hyperbole by Sununu and his minions.”


“Stopping a deadline pandemic should be priority #1 not playing reckless political games,” he posted on Twitter. “People are dying for godsakes.”


They are dying Ray, in Afghanistan, where Joe Biden left them, but you’ve been anything but outraged about that. Your president has also blocked all flights into Afghan airspace, so private contractors can’t even legally go in and rescue people.

Women and children are dying in the backs of trucks and in the desert trying to reach the humanitarian crisis at Joe Biden’s “open Border.” Crickets on the dying part from old Ray and on numbers no one dares consider.

Decades of Democrat rule have produced murder capitals across the nation plagued by so-called systemically racist police who haven’t answered to a Republican mayor or city council since JFK was assassinated. Minorities are gunned down, stabbed, robbed, and terrorized for generations under the boot of the disarmingly compassionate professional left.

Muslims killed 3000 Americans twenty years ago, and your party line on that is to pretend some people did some things, may have deserved it, and well, whatever, let’s move along, dammit!

And yes, people are dying from the flu. They do that every year. They are mostly over seventy or very ill and sadly near the end of their lives. And it’s a tragedy that we have to let them go, but they do. And the state’s own data support that, but not in any way that would sell your fearmongering narratives.


NH Covid data chart 9-10-21

NH Covid data 9-10-21


Not a lot to fear there, but fear is all he’s got, so Ray is just another coward leveraging spin for political advantage. He would innoculate children who have more to fear from the shot than the flu—perfectly healthy young people dying, Ray. And older people are also dying from your cure. Lots of them, in a world where, when it suits your agenda, one is too many.

Related: CDC Data – COVID19 Represents a 0.00001% Mortality Threat to Children in America.

How many people suffered or died because Democrats lied about Hydroxychloroquine then and Ivermectin now? A lot. How many died from overdoses or suicide because of lockdowns and quarantines or closed businesses or lost jobs that your party policies promoted, pushed for, even demanded, and are calling for again.

A lot of people died, Ray, and people die. But here’s the difference.

My side’s preferred policies allow you to choose your risk and suffer the consequences (or not). Your side embraces death as a necessary consequence of advancing preferred political policy.

Without mandates, you can still choose to wear a mask that does no good. You can get the shot that doesn’t do what its advocates claim. A shot that has killed thousands. You can frequent or boycott businesses based on their mask and vaccine policies.

Individuals who have an over 99% chance of surviving a run-in with any version of COVID get to choose. Parents, teachers, American’s of all ages.

In your version of America, we fly untested, unvaccinated, unvetted illegal aliens who survived the trek to our border into American cities at night by the thousands and then whine about threats to public health.

People are dying for godsakes – yes, thanks to Democrats and decades of their reckless political games. So, pardon me for refusing to believe you are concerned with human life. Or that you believe forced mass vaccination has anything to do with it.

If vaccines really did save lives, the last thing Democrats would do was insist their political opponents line up to get them.