As Site Traffic Continues to Rise Let’s Take a Look at from Where It Is Coming ... - Granite Grok

As Site Traffic Continues to Rise Let’s Take a Look at from Where It Is Coming …

Grok Global Traffic 1-1 to 9-14-21

We like to talk a bit about our local Alexa rank, and we are due for another one of those updates in a few days, but this “look” focuses on something we do not mention as much.

As our reach grows, and it continues to do that, where are we gaining new readers not just in the US but around the world?

Google allows us to distill all sorts of details, but we’re not going to get into the weed on this. It’s late. You might be tired. This could be your last eyeball stop at the internet-surf-a-teria. Last Call. Blue Light Special.

We’ll keep it simple.

In the past thirty days, the top ten states “reading” GraniteGrok are (in order) as Follows.

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Texas, California, New York, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Virginia.

Grok US Traffic 8-14 to 9-14 by state


We had at least 121 readers from every state in the nation and over 16,000 users in the Granite State in the past 4 weeks.

Not bad, but we can and will do better and we will keep trying.


Global ‘Groking

Globally, the top ten nations reading are (in order) as follows.

The US, Canada, UK, Australia, China, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, and Ukraine.

Grok Global Traffic 8-14 to 9-14 by state
Grok Global Traffic 8-14-21 to 9-14-21


Aside from the US, Canada is the only nation in the past month where we have readers in the thousands. The rest on that list are in the hundreds, from 462 down to 134.

We had over 300 folks in China visit, probably hackers but you never know.

And if you look at those nations in grey on that map; we had zero readers in the past few weeks from those locales, but if I search back to Jan 1, 2021, there are only a handful of nations where we have had zero Grok visitors year-to-date.


Grok Global Traffic 1-1 to 9-14-21
Grok Global Traffic 1-1-21 to 9-14-21


North Korea, South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Liberia, Guinea, nor Eritrea produced a single soul who read GraniteGrok in 2021, but that’s about it. And yes, plenty of these other nations were ones or twos or less than 100 but many more were a lot more and we’re glad to hear it.

Not that we have plans to try and build audiences or a bigger one anywhere but here (though we would welcome them if they stumbled upon us, as have so many others around the world).

GlobalGrok. That’ll piss off a few Dems, right?

So what do you think?  A cheap half-assed effort at creating a perception of global reach, are we perhaps on to something here, or all or none of the above?

Or something else?

You know what to do.

We’ll have the monthly local Alexa rank update on Sunday if that sounds more interesting and even if it does not. It’s good to know if we are still taking names (growing audience), or has some other internet print-media presence in and around the Granite State crept up and stolen our glory?

We’ll know soon enough.

See you around (the world).