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A Certain Tuftonboro Teacher May Have a Greeting Party on Monday Morning

Brian Bloomer Fired - Good

So, Steve’s post “Brian the Foul-Mouthed Fifth Grade Teacher on Delta, Vaccines, and Being F-ing Stupid” on Tuftonboro Teacher Brian Bloomer caught my eye earlier (like 3:30 am early) this morning.

Did Brian Bloomer REALLY want to continue to provide proof that most teachers are still in the bottom third of the SAT score cohort? Or was he merely caught up in a drooling and explosive “IDEOLOGY FIRST” eruption that seems to have overtaken the Woke at places of work ending in “School” or “District” (remember Hanover School District’s, Janice Starkey?)

I am glad we have “education tipsters” – please keep sending us stuff!

I decided to “send stuff” to the Tuftonboro School District (H/T: to commenter Sam for gathering the email addresses! We only have so much time in the day – thanks for helping us become a bit more efficient by doing some of the leg work for us!

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From: “Skip” <Skip@granitegrok.com>
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Sent: 9/18/2021 3:41:54 AM
Subject: Brian Bloomer

Good morning,

My name is Skip Murphy and I am the co-founder and co-owner of GraniteGrok.com, NH’s largest and most influential political blogsite and have been part of the NH media scene since 2006). My business partner broke the story about one of your teachers, Brian Bloomer…

Brian Bloomer Tuftonboro Central School 5th grade teacher

…here: https://granitegrok.com/blog/2021/09/a-foul-mouthed-fifth-grade-teacher-on-delta-vaccines-and-being-f-ing-stupid

What action(s) will be taken by the District by this potty-mouthed teacher in your school system?  What is your official response to his rant against those that simply have a different political worldview than his? And what else will we find out if we continue OUR investigation of his teaching methods?

And, even more important, what actions will the District be taking such that his personal outlook is not shared with students in the very public and taxpayer-funded classroom in which he teachers malleable 5th graders?

Please note – we are no fly-by-night political blogsite; our online reach dwarfs that of the Union Leader (according to the website ranking Alexa.com (an Amazon company)).  I am praying that you will provide a reasonable response to our inquiry in a reasonably short amount of time.

Kindest regards,

-Skip Co-Founder, co-owner

Now, I don’t expect an answer post-haste. Or should that be “post-hate”; it is Brian Bloomer we’re talking about now and it’s clear that he should be in an Anger Management classroom far away from his students until he learns how to get a grip on himself (BREATHE, Brian, BREATHE – then count to 100…or more!).

It’s Saturday morning which means that my email, most likely, won’t be seen until Monday. Then there’ll be a meeting about doing another meeting and then another meeting about HR and then finally, another meeting about my request (notice it isn’t a Right To Know demand – at least, not at this time), and then finally, someone will doodle some stock verbiage about how blameless they are and now it’s a personnel mistake matter and we’ll get back to you at some point.

But the points will have been made – school systems are now getting watched a lot more and a lot more strictly. And there are those of us that are willing to be out front and asking the “WHY???” and “REALLY???” questions that need to be asked. But, as I said earlier, we need you folks at the Ground Zero of your school system getting us information.

After all, the Left has already made the decision to make YOUR children their political pawns – WE want to make sure that the old-fashioned “chalk dust by clapping erasers together” lands on their faces. And by blinding them, help to make your kids be those political pawns.