Jeanne Dietsch's GraniteCrock "Debunking Site" Still a Floundering List Building Scam with No Readers - Granite Grok

Jeanne Dietsch’s GraniteCrock “Debunking Site” Still a Floundering List Building Scam with No Readers

GraniteGrok screen grab

Remember way back when former State Senator Jeanne Dietsch said she was going to expose GraniteGrok? That soon became exposing Grok and NH Journal. Then it was the right-wing media, truth, blah blah blah.

Tired of the B.S. from Granite Grok. Write a post in Granite Crock. Win a prize for the best debunk.”

All it ever was is a failed revenge project turned list-building scam for a wealthy displaced one-term State Senator.

Don’t get me wrong, list building is the thing and you want to do it wherever and whenever you can. But Dietsch started out with the typical holier-than-thou progressive we’re gonna show you (ala Gracie Gato) aimed right at us. Gracie fled back to California after failing to do much more than curse a lot on Twitter and demonstrate how not to run for office or a blog or whatever the hell she was doing here.

But Dietsch was promising that we (GraniteGrok) were to be debunked brutally and often. That changed before the site ever went live and never lived up to the hype – just like every other Democrat promise.

On the rare occasion when a Grok article actually appeared the debunking was so easily debunked by one of us as to be embarrassing.

All the site is now is Dietsch handing out gift cards every month for useless content that barely qualifies as garbage in exchange for a few emails addresses.

The site’s traffic is still so abysmal it has no Alexa rank.

GraniteGrok Alexa no data

If she’s really all that interested in Getting the Truth Out she’d use some of her substantial income to buy ads and backlinks but that’s no solution when your content is crap. And Jeanne is not a dumb lady. She’s already throwing good money after bad with the gift card scheme, probably to save face.

Don’t worry Jeanne. If you sunset that waste of space no one will notice except us and only so we can write the epitaph on yet another effort by unhinged Dems who are mad about us writing around their buddies in the media.

But it’s not a total failure.  Your site has lived up to its name. It’s a Crock.