If Morality Is Relative, Then I Can’t Be a Racist and Militant Vegans Can’t Fault Me for Eating Meat. - Granite Grok

If Morality Is Relative, Then I Can’t Be a Racist and Militant Vegans Can’t Fault Me for Eating Meat.

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Moral relativism is a foundation of secular humanism. It’s the idea that no one can know or compel another person’s morality because it can’t. It’s an unintentional corollary to cultural appropriation (or maybe I have that reversed) – another stupid left-Wing idea.

That copying food, dress, or any influence outside your culture is wrong.

Thanks to moral relativism, another stupid idea by the same stupid people, that’s not even possible. As far as anyone else is concerned I believe that copying other cultures is the greatest form of flattery.

My feelz have the same rights as yours relatively speaking so pack up your outrage privilege and take a hike.

Another example might be the militant animal-rights folks (veganistas!). They scowl at (scream, rant, pout, protest) people over eating meat. But quite often, they are fine with abortion or destroying property or threatening the lives of folks in the meat industries or meat-eaters for their moral greater good.

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But moral relativism justifies eating meat. It is just another choice made by people whose morality you cannot understand and with which you have no right to meddle.

Such is also the case with the latest Left-Wing fad, critical race theory. If we take a critical look at the theory through the lens of relativism, racism is just a moral choice some people make.

I think it’s a bad choice. I’m one of those content of character scolds who was raised to be color blind, gender blind, and the rest of it. I never knew a world without women’s or civil rights.

I also believe that there is good and evil and that evil pursues power with which it then invokes ridiculous ideas like moral relativism to justify both its means and its ends which it then denies everyone else because relativists want it both ways.

And for far too long, too many have let them hat their cake and eat it too, the media being the biggest loser in that contest. The so-called watchdogs have been watching out for the people in power for far too long. Letting the hypocrats get away with these contradictions . It’s why they hate bloggers and new media and why we have so many readers.

We point out things like this.

And this. They don’t care but, depending on who else may be reading, watching, or listening, it is an opportunity to use their rulebook against them and make them try to live up to their bizarre standards.

Demonstrate the crazy contradictions of the Left until they give up or call you names because they have nothing else (also giving up). What they think passes for sense has none.

That’s when you know you’ve won. And that’s when other folks get a glimpse of the stupidity and perhaps a little nudge in our direction.

And then you can have a big fat burger to celebrate.