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In March, the FBI raided a home in Keene, New Hampshire, ultimately arresting six and seizing property whose worth is estimated in the millions. The charges, simplified, are money laundering using bitcoin.


For police, the money was nearly as important as [Ian] Freeman himself. For years, they had been tracking his Bitcoin business for evidence of money laundering or other crimes. As far as they were concerned, it was all part of an unlicensed money transmittal scheme processing millions of dollars a year. The purpose of the raid was to break that system, tearing out Freeman’s Bitcoin machines one by one and seizing any illegal proceeds along with them.


We covered it when it broke, but it’s not something the local media cares much about nor has any interest in exploring further. We hear at the ‘Grok, I admit, have only glossed over the particulars when prompted, covering both the raid and then Dave Ridley’s one-man “free the crypto 6” walk across New Hampshire as Bitcoin Gandhi.

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As unpaid hobbyists acting on the news we see when we see it, it often falls on readers to put things in front of us before we notice or remember. We get a lot of that, and please keep them coming; we appreciate it. Also, understand that we can only get to a fraction of what we receive.

There are far too many things to write about in any day, and losing track of stories is a feature, not a bug, but I’m glad I received this and had the sense to make time to read it.

It’s from the Verge. Titled The Sacking of Crypto Mecca, it is one of the most detailed looks at Bitcoin and the government war on it as represented by the raid on Ian Freeman in Keene last March.

These are New Hampshire residents whose goal is not fraud or crime but more liberty.

Read it. Share it.

We need to understand the details the press leaves out to accurately engage in debate and find ways to move the ball down the field. Get points on the board. I think you’ll find the piece both informative and very well written.

Please read it and share it.