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Data Point – Everyone still hates Congress (except Congress itself); Media hit worse

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Abstracted from quoting a Gallup poll.  Nothing seems to be out of the ordinary – especially the part where it may well be that used car salesmen and ambulance-chasing lawyers are going to be getting a break from being the bottom dwellers:

Americans lost faith in the media over the last year, according to a new survey, trusting only Congress less among major American institutions.

  • Only 16 percent of Americans believe television news, down from 18 percent in 2020 and 2019.
  • Another 21 percent said they trusted newspapers, down from 24 percent in 2020 and from 23 percent in 2019.
  • Trust in the medical system bumped up from 36 percent in 2019 to 51 percent in 2020, before declining to 44 percent this year.
  • Trust in church or organized religion increased from 36 percent in 2019 to 42 percent the subsequent year, before falling to 37 percent in the latest study.
  • Trust in public schools bumped up from 29 percent in 2019 to 41 percent the subsequent year before returning to 32 percent this year.
  • Congress — which saw a pandemic-induced bump from 11 percent in 2019 to 13 percent in 2020, before the figure returned to 12 percent this year

And to get the whole impact, as if I have to really tell you, is flip those percentages to tell you you how many DON’T trust those institutions.

So I ask – is this a result of the Culture War in which the Left has been attacking our institutions? Or a result of having “conquered” those ramparts and the rest of us rejecting them?

For Congress, if political registrations are to be believed, the percentage should be at least 33% (Democrats), right, as the Dems control both chambers?. Face it, Congress is universally hated.

And that does that signify that our elected Representatives are so disliked?

And yet, that 84% of the American population thinks that the media is probably not even good enough to line a bird cage with? And the Media STILL believes that it is “objective” and don’t understand their real problem?