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Where There’s Smoke There’s Canada Which Is Officially a Public Health Menace to Granite Staters

Forest fire smoke trees

The Great Dominion (see also the Great White North, that’s Canada) is boiling away and suffering epic droughts due to climate change – depending on who you trust for news. This has resulted in a record number of forest fires, 70% of them caused by lightning strikes.

These forest fires throw tons of particulates into the atmosphere, which have drifted into New Hampshire, forcing the state to issue a public health warning.


CONCORD, N.H. (AP) – The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services says fine-particle air pollution concentrations have reached unhealthy levels statewide for people with lung diseases and those who are active outdoors as smoke from wildfires in the west and Canada reaches the area.


Yes, Gov. Sununu, Canada, is officially a public health crisis in New Hampshire. Lock them down!

Ha! He can’t. It is distant fires and wind and junk.

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And yes, the the green meanies (who are also blue meanies) will say it’s climate change, which means you. I say, screw…driver!

I’m no meteorologist, but if there are record numbers of lightning strikes, the odds are good, which means atmospheric energy, storms, and rain. The Canadian government’s own analysis predicts increases rainfall through the 21st century from 10-70%  above the 1986-2005 baseline.

That includes more frequent and intense rainfalls, such as downpours from thunderstorms, more instances of rain falling on snow, and new storm patterns. This is the opposite of drought, for those keeping score, which, by their own admission, is unlikely because of, you guessed it, crap you put in the atmosphere.

Speaking of which, record numbers of forest fires, not unlike volcanic eruptions (which do this much better) have a cooling effect on the planet. Think about that. Perfectly natural processes that have occurred for millennia result in natural actions that reverse weather trends independently from you or me doing anything.

It gets hot and dry. It rains there’s lightning and fires fill the sky with bits that block light from the thing without which the earth would be a cold and barren rock (That’s the sun, for Liberals).

Changes in the sun alter cloud formation which impacts temperature. Solar machinations and alignments and tilt and distance change how effectively the sun warms the earth or does not. And that’s all find a good or good and fine but what matters is this.

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It’s not about you; it’s about them – wanting to convert western economies away from free markets. And Canada is one of those, and their fires create a health hazard in the Granite State.

As for the green thing, there is a cure, but you have to electorally sacrifice many Democrat-held seats for elected office—most of them at a minimum. And you’ll know when you’ve done enough because people will just stop talking about legislating the weather.