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Sweden Revisited – No Lockdown, Still No Problem (And The Real “COVID” Scam)

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Sweden was a death trap before Florida, or Texas, or especially South Dakota, decided to thumb their noses at conventional lockdown wisdom. That’s what the panic porn media told you. Let’s look at reality, shall we?

Way back in March 2020, two countries in Europe were thinking outside the lockdown box, and considering that, as with regular ‘Flu, why not let the population achieve Herd Immunity to the Kung Flu (Communist Party engineered virus)? Well, we told you that the current and former chief epidemiologists of Sweden had looked at all the data and concluded that aside from certain segments of the population who should be protected, the risk to younger citizens did not justify draconian measures (minimal restrictions on large gatherings were instituted).

Meanwhile, in Britain, in spite of the ridiculous projections of the perennially wrong pandemic statistician, Neil Ferguson, things were heading in the same direction until PM Boris Johnson came down with a fairly bad case of Covid himself. Unlike Trump, who practically leaped out of hospital, declaring “these treatments work!” Boris allowed himself to be convinced that freedom was overrated.

Well, the numbers are in, and they prove that, as with masks, lockdown or no lockdown, the disease spreads to, and claims, about the same number of people. That’s because, like a particularly bad flu season, it culls the weak before the herd gets sufficient immunity.

Sweden’s recent numbers, even with the so-called “Delta Surge,” are like Blutarsky’s grade point average: Zero point Zero! (Deaths per day for the past week.)

Furthermore, Sweden’s overall Covid deaths per million are at or below the average for Europe as a whole, and even more interesting, the “excess mortality,” that is deaths above the annual average, are lower for the past year than they were back in 2015.

Excess mortality was the canary in the coal mine all along – in spite of all the screeching about gazillions dying “with Covid,” an inflated number anyway, total annual deaths barely budged. Reference: Thomas Lifson at American Thinker.

In the USA, of course, the overall Covid mortality per 100k for the states which ended lockdowns early, or refused to implement them all together, has turned out to be no worse than the USA overall, and better than states with the most draconian rules. This was no random Neanderthal guesswork, either: Both DeSantis (FL) and Abbott (TX) studied the data and consulted with medical experts, and have been proven right; Noem (SD) simply chose liberty over tyranny and was vindicated.

Now is where it gets really interesting: What if I told you that the stories of severe lockdowns in China were as fake as the stories of the virus’ origins and that their claims of having flattened the curve were entirely for the purpose of duping the Western world into following their lead and wrecking our economies.

After all, if you can’t trust the Chicoms to tell the truth about the Wuhan Lab, why would you expect gospel truth over the virulence of the disease, or of the success of their approach to getting it under control? Fool me once…… But here, they fooled us THREE TIMES!

Would you buy a recycled bat virus from this guy?
(Or the cure!)

Or, put another way” Once is a surprise, twice is a coincidence, three times is enemy action! (looking back over the last year or so, would you describe it any differently? I thought not.)

We’ve been saying for over a year that something was not right about this virus “scamdemic” with a survival rate over 99% for almost all age groups, as high as 99.9% amongst younger adults, 99.99% among kids, and maybe as bad as 95% among the old and infirm.

Add in the suspicious reluctance to use readily available drugs like Hydroxychlorouine and Ivermectin, and an initial strange enthusiasm for intubation and mechanical. ventilators, from which there is rarely a recovery.

Whether the virus was cooked up in the lab as a bioweapon, or as a Frankenstein experiment paid for by Fauci with our money, is almost secondary to the real scam:

  • The virus was allowed to spread around the world
  • Then The CCP declared it 10x more deadly than flu
  • Then the Chinese authorities claimed to have locked down entire regions amounting to 1/3 of their population
  • Then, suddenly, and only in China, the curve was “flattened” and the real propaganda war began

There are strong suspicions that the lockdown in China was only for show, and there are videos of Citizens yelling from their apartment balconies and windows that “It’s All Fake!” Nonetheless, unbelievably (literally) good graphs showed that the cases and deaths had not just slowed, but flattened to horizontal, just as Western economies would soon do!

Having set the narrative that the lockdown had worked miracles, the stories were pushed in Western media, while Chinese medics and other ‘ambassadors’ fanned out around the world. The first victims were in Italy, where the Chinese medical ‘advisors’ told the Italians that they were doing it wrong, and the lockdown needed to be much stricter.

In Europe, most governments were persuaded to panic (except Sweden), and in the USA, Twitter bots and fake news articles heaped praise upon petty tyrants like Cuomo, Whitmer, Newsom, and more, while simultaneously demonizing any who deviated from the (Communist) party line, like Kristi Noem, and especially DeSantis and Abbott.

In view of this global onslaught, and its success in wrecking economies, do you wonder why I am skeptical of Sununu having a Chinese epidemiologist?

In real life, the infection and death rates were not attenuated by the lockdowns, but rather, peaked 2-3 weeks after they were imposed, regardless of how long before lockdown the virus had been circulating.

To sum up, this was not a bioweapon in the conventional sense – if it is any worse than flu, it barely lives up to its hype. No. This has been a psycho weapon, designed to demoralize the entire West and wreck its economies.

Wild speculation? See the evidence amassed by Michael Thau over at substack.com

We have had our countries dismantled around us by our own governments, with the Chicoms the only winners.