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Michigan Legislature Revokes Gov. Whitmer’s Emergency Powers

Gretchen Whitmer

Before the spring of 2020, almost no one knew who Gretchen Whitmer was or what she did. But only weeks into the so-called pandemic response Whitmer had “made a name for herself.”

The Democrat governor of the Wolverine State was infected. Not with COVID – and it was the Wuhan Virus back then – she had Trump Derangement Syndrome. She accused Trump (The Feds) of blocking medical shipments, banned prescribing Hydroxychloroquine, and set about demonstrating all the reasons why lockdowns, quarantines, and the idea of governor’s picking and choosing essential and non-essential businesses was no business of a governer.

She got between women and their doctors, consumers, and business owners and excelled at random edits better suited to some insane, bi-polar dictator who’d gone off their meds. She even got busted not following her own COVID19 protocols.

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The people rebelled, marched, protested; some morons even plotted to kidnap her (BLM and Antifa, thugs, not Trump supporters as advertised). Something had to give, and it did.

The State Supreme Court ruled that those powers were unconstitutional, and the legislature went to work.


The Republican-controlled state House on Wednesday voted 60-48 largely along party lines in support of initiative petition language that repeals the Emergency Powers Act of 1945. The vote came one week after the state Senate also approved the initiative.


The change won’t take effect officially for 90-days, but the dead is done.  Queen Whitmer has been deprived of the arbitrary authority she s easily abused.

Back here in New Hampshire, we were not so fortunate. The sweeping reform we were after got derailed in the process of comprising to get other things, but Gov. Sununu said he was willing to sit down in the fall and talk about changes.

Back in Michigan, the people have been trying to get a recall election approved but so far, without much success. She is up for re-election in 2022.