Girl Scouts of America - 'Color Blindness Perpetuates Racism' - Granite Grok

Girl Scouts of America – ‘Color Blindness Perpetuates Racism’

MLK Monumnet Photo by Bee Calder on Unsplash

Martin Luther King Statues Beware. The Democrat Party is coming for you. Not long from now, we may find gangs of militant Girl Scouts defacing the civil rights leaders’ monuments or pulling them down. Colorblindness is no longer a goal in America; it is racist.


The Girl Scouts told its membership that taking a color-blind approach to life “perpetuates racism,” and parents must have conversations about race and racism “regularly” with their daughters to counterbalance this narrative.


Is it also racism to refuse to have these conversations about how colorblindness is racist. You know, silence is violence and all that.

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“While we should be having conversations about race and racism regularly, checking in with your girl is crucial when racist violence claims lives and sparks widespread protest, grief, and unrest around the nation,” the article reads. “Having honest discussions about race is important for all families, and it’s vital to have them on a regular basis, even if you find it uncomfortable or you think your kids already know about racism and understand right from wrong.”


Talk to your daughters about racism. Remind them that refusing to judge people by the color of their skin is racist. And that refusing to talk about that is racist.

IN other words, let them know (if they are white) that they are racist, and there’s nothing they can do about that but accept it.