A Tough and Risky Decision: Is It Medicine or Poison? - Granite Grok

A Tough and Risky Decision: Is It Medicine or Poison?

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I went to June 29th’s SwampBat game to observe the popup vaccine clinic, announced to start at 5 pm, the game starting at 6:30. I also wanted to have supper there – senior entry $3, a good deal, supported by volunteers.

Arriving before the vaccine tent went up, it was hot. People started coming around, and I started wandering. Food availability would begin at 5:45. There was activity in the vaccine tent, but I didn’t see anyone getting shots.

Away from the tent, a woman engaged me. She assumed I wasn’t vaccinated. She started with sort of a joke, her whole family had been vaccinated and nobody died. I said I was aware of safety and effectiveness. When asked if there were adverse effects, she went one by one, nothing significant, though she said younger people might have a harder time.

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A pleasant exchange, I felt she was trying to help me. Only at the end did she twist my arm – she reminded me I could get sick and thereby hurt or infect someone dear to me. Maybe she saw my wedding ring. She put a sticker, saying he was vaccinated, on mascot Ribby.

The cheeseburger was outstanding.

Back at the tent, still not seeing anyone being vaccinated, a man was wearing a sticker.

More people arrived. A stickered woman sat a few rows down with her son. A stickered couple walked by me.

Before the National Anthem, the announcer honored the vaccine group, maybe 12 names, some volunteers. The crowd was sparse for what would be the SwampBats’ tenth consecutive win. I left them with a 2-0 lead after the first inning.

As I was leaving, the woman near me said she had gotten the shots elsewhere. Back at the tent, I asked how many shots were given: none. When asked about the stickers, they had been given to anyone who said they had been vaccinated. I walked past a man who asked unstickered-me if I had been vaccinated. I said I was safe. He challenged, “Safe?!”

Our governments, media, and medical leadership have repeatedly lied to us. Big tech has censored anti-establishment views.

As of June 30th, 47% of the US population has been fully vaccinated. Both groups have made a tough and risky decision: is it medicine or poison? We should have respect and compassion for each other, we are on the same team.