To Protect Fertility, Some Men May Want to Consider Freezing Their Sperm Prior to Vaccination. - Granite Grok

To Protect Fertility, Some Men May Want to Consider Freezing Their Sperm Prior to Vaccination.

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Talk about burying the lead. The headline of my piece is the last sentence of this report from Local in Southern Florida. It’s about a urologist who is researching whether COVID19 vaccines could impact male fertility. You know, just in case.


“We’re evaluating the sperm parameters and quality before the vaccine and after the vaccine. From the biology of the COVID vaccine we believe it shouldn’t affect fertility but we want to do the study to make sure that man who want to have kids in the future to assure them it’s safe to go ahead and get the vaccine,” [Lead researchers Dr. Ranjith] Ramasamy said.


Jinkies! These experimental synthetic mRNA injections keep pushing the envelope for side effects. And one of those has to be this. To borrow from the reader who sent me the link, “Never mind infertility concerns, what’s getting pushed into our future generations?  Are you willing to take that chance?”

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Great question, but I think the fertility thing is still a big deal.

It was Leftists whose ideological ancestors introduced “contraception” and eugenics as means to reduce and eventually weed out undesirable populations (which Hitler totally embraced and put into practice). Many of them have been talking about depopulation for years. And now they are pushing these things on us.

And this guy is like, you know, this might affect our ability to make more people in the future, not that the Left’s culture war hasn’t done enough damage to that already.

Why not inject millions with this thing, and maybe that mRNA juice will have some progressively pleasant side effects. Hey, did you get your shot? Where’s your passport?

The only thing they haven’t tried is trolling neighborhoods in a nasty white van with the words free candy on the side.

Sorry. Correction. They are doing that but without the van.