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Thursday Overnight Thread – NH Democrats Hate “Live Free or Die” Rep. Steve Woodcock Edition

NH State State Rep Steve Woodcock

and he sincerely fears “Live Free or Die” could lead to more teen suicides….These kids might think, ‘If I can’t live free then I’m going to die.‘””

First, a bit of a refresher on how NH Democrats view our State Motto.

Back in 2012, it came to light that NH’s Pelosi water boy, Chris “my restaurant kills people” Pappas made it clear that he hated our motto.

Of course, I didn’t leave it alone because I’ve stayed here in NH BECAUSE of that motto. General Stark had the right of it: “Live Free or Die; Death is not the Worst of All Evils.” Who wants to live UNFREE where the Government’s boot is always on your throat?

Well, if you’re in Government and are directing that boot, you’d want our State Motto to fade to Black (or is that White nowadays?  Rainbows? Can you fade to Rainbows? Who can keep up with the everchanging Left’s “good now, evil later” moral relativism anymore – certainly not me).

You can see the cutout from the Hippo at the bottom of the link but all you really need to know right now is the first two sentences from it:

Why should we be proud of our state motto of “Live Free or Die” if it compels state government to let the absolute freedom of a few compromise the well-being of the rest? The case of the property tax and the coming debate over smoking in restaurants shows why we’re collectively not as free as our motto would suggest and why it’s time for some new words to live by”

One can only imagine, given the rumors that he is about to lose his Congressional seat as a result of Republican state redistricting and is now thinking of making a run for NH Government. Yay, with that emphasis on “the common good” over the Individual, that’s all we would have needed was a boy version of NY Gov Cuomo or CA Gov Newsome during this pandemic just ending.

Stark and others fought (and many died) to give us the Liberty we have – now we have Socialists coming out of the woodwork kvetching only about “the Collective Common Good” – never telling what happens to Individuals in such a system. Pappas shows us, clearly, that he’s willing to distort what Freedom really is for his own political gain. We need to start asking him about this once again.

And now NH State Rep Steve Woodcock comes along with the PERFECT, disgusting, and uninformed dissing of our State’s motto. Those words at the top of this post are his. True to form, he uses the old Democrat playbook of turning YOUR kids into HIS political pawns. He didn’t like the idea that even a rather benign bill, HB69, would say that it is perfectly fine to put both our nation’s motto, “In God We Trust” and our state motto, “Live Free or Die” up in a school. Once again, we see by their votes and their words that they hate the idea of God and the premise and value of Freedom. Thanks, Democrats – after all, you’re the folks that booed God during your political convention and praised the “Nones”(meaning no religion at all).

…Woodcock then talked about students who feel bullied or uncomfortable in school, suggesting that New Hampshire’s state motto might “trigger” them to commit suicide or self-harm.

“If I am seeing students in middle school and high school who had their arms cut all the way up from razor blades because they are in pain, and I put on the front door of every building ‘Live Free or Die,’ I’m concerned about the trigger that sends that these adolescents, as they come in every day.”

But Woodcock wasn’t done.

“And if I know, Mr. Speaker, that I spent many a day in Sunday School…and my vacations in vacation Bible school, and I learned one thing: Jesus did not come into town with a sign hanging from his ass, and nor should any school.”

But Woodcock told NHJournal he was completely sincere. He honestly believes having “In God We Trust” contributes to an oppressive environment for non-Christian and non-believing students, and he sincerely fears “Live Free or Die” could lead to more teen suicides.

I have no doubt that he’s absolutely sincere. So were the Democrats that voted to kick our mottos to the curb. After all, Democrats are the Socialist Collective and there is no higher Power than a Collectivized Government and all Individuals have to bow before it. NOTHING can be held higher than the Common Good and stating that God is a higher Power and that Freedom is more worthy than living on bended knee to our betters is heresy to them.

Thus, the attack on them is par for the course – making them cringeworthy is part of The Plan. Get rid of God, get rid of Freedom, what’s left EXCEPT the Left’s ideals.

Oh, and this:

“I’m a retired school principal and I’ve seen the mental health issues our young people face,” Woodcock said. “I’ve seen the cutting, the self-mutilation. It scares me that you have people whose frontal lobes haven’t developed and they walk into a school building and it says ‘Live Free or Die,’ it can be triggering for suicide or rash actions.”

“These kids might think, ‘If I can’t live free then I’m going to die.’”

I think that one Rep’s reaction of “did he forget to take his meds?” may not be sufficient to remedy the delusions that EITHER of our mottos would do such an action – horribly, that’s evidence of said low expectations. So…

And if I know, dear readers,  that a certain retired school principal has such low expectations of the students he helped teach and guide that they don’t truly understand the meanings of those mottos, then I proclaim that he’s just a schmuck. And if I know that he didn’t do his job right in teaching his students the correct values, he worked to subvert them and our Society.

Seriously, are we to believe that students harm themselves over a motto?

But this is the level of discourse we find ourselves – the Left is completely off the rails and is in free-fall after jumping off Sane Rhetoric Cliff and into Stupidity Chasm.

(H/T: NH Journal)